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Preparation to Resume International Flights on May 17, 2021

Saudi Transport Minister Saleh Jassir chaired a meeting of Saudi Arabian Airlines’ board of directors to discuss preparations for a possible move to lift the ban on foreign flights from next month and resume International flight to Saudi Arabia. He says that other issues were also discussed in the meeting and the restoration of air service, including suggestions for further improvement in the airline’s services.

The Transport Minister appreciated the agency’s initiative to comply with the prescribed Covid 19 SOPs. He also appreciated the initiatives taken by the airline

He appreciated the airline’s performance in taking care of the airline passengers in every possible way while following the Covid 19 SOPs during domestic flights.

On May 17, the Ministry of Interior had indicated that all air, land, and sea routes to Saudi Arabia would be opened. In this regard, Saudi Arabian Airlines has started preparations to start the service next month.

Effect of resumption of International Flights on Ticketing Prices

With 35 days to go before lifting travel bans in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) began preparations for international flights in May. 

Abdul Razzaq Al-Zahrani, director-general of the Al-Musafar Club Agency in Riyadh, said that tickets are now cheap and will remain cheap until the 15th of Ramadan and are 30 percent lower than average rates.

However, after the second week of RAMADAN, a 200 % to 300 % increase is in line in airline fairs.

Abdul Razzaq Al-Zahrani said, “time for lifting international travel bans draws near. Also the number of people taking corona vaccine in Saudi Arabia is increasing.

This also results in the increase for number of people buying tickets for international travel. As demand increases, so will ticket prices.”

He further said, “The law on supply and demand regulates air ticket prices. It also makes a difference in how many seats the airlines have and what preparations they have for international flights. It will also affect the extent to which foreign countries are willing to welcome foreign travelers.”

He said that the number of people making reservations is increasing. Passengers are looking in booking cheap tickets. Many tourist destinations and markets are open to tourists with the Covid 19 SOPs.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Al-Battar Travel Agency Director-General Saleh Al-Saleem said it would be better to choose tourist destinations now. The situation will become more apparent with the lifting of travel bans on May 17.

As demand increases, so will hotel and ticket prices. He hopes most Saudis will choose the islands for a holiday.

He also said, “Travel to isolated cities in Egypt, Morocco, and Greece will be preferred. Saudi families will prefer to stay away from crowded places. There will be more people going to Maldives and Seychelles.”

Remarks of Deputy Chairman of Saudia Airline

Hassan Ano, deputy chairman of the Saudi International Tourism Company, said the increase in the number of vaccinators and foreign tourist destinations’ policy would affect travel.

The international travel market will improve next summer. He said that the booking policy in airlines would have to be reviewed. Each company has a different policy regarding cancellation and modification of reservations.

It may be recalled that the Saudi Interior Ministry has set May 17 as the date for lifting the travel ban.

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