Air Travel guidelines for 2021

New Air Travel guidelines for 2021

While taking care of the preventive measurements against COVID-19, Saudi Arabia closed its borders (Land, Sea, Air) on 20 December 2020. Now only recently, they have opened flight operation but with new air travel guidelines for 2021

Initially, the borders were considered to be closed for one week till 27 December 2020. However, the discovery of a new mutation of COVID-19 in more than ten countries of the world led the Saudi Government to close the borders for the next week.

On 2 January 2021, Saudi Arabia announced that all the borders would re-open on 3 January 2021 (Sunday). 

Airlines will be able to take passengers to and from Saudi Arabia under new air travel guidelines for 2021. While doing so, they have to take care of the COVID-19 preventive measurements.

Initially, it was decided that all flight operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia except the United Kingdom and nine other countries where a new mutation of COVID-19 was found will re-operate from 3 January 2021 (11:00 AM). 

But later, the plan got a change, and flights from the United Kingdom and many other countries became operational.

Although the Saudi Government allows airlines to carry on flight operations all across the world. However, the Health Ministry made a strict policy for the tourist or visitors for the people coming from infected countries.

Regions affected by new mutant:

Here is the complete list of all regions where we have a new mutant of Covid 19.

1- Australia

2- Singapore

3- Netherlands

4- Canada

5- Denmark

6- Japan

7- South Africa

8- Jordan

9- France

10- Sweden

11- Spain

12- Iceland

13- Germany

14- Hong Kong 

15- Italy 

16- Lebanon

17- Many other regions of the United Kingdom.

Rules for people coming from these areas:

New air travel guidelines for 2021 made by Saudi Arabia for the tourists are following

1- People coming from the countries mentioned earlier should have to take the COVID-19 test before traveling.

2- If a person is coming to the KSA for a tour purpose, he/she should have to spend 14 days (2 Weeks) in any 3rd country that is safe from the COVID-19 new mutation, excluding KSA and his homeland.

3- After coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia person should have to isolate himself in his house for not less than 14 days (2 Weeks).

4- He or she should take at least 1 test before coming before entering the Kingdom. Still, for the sake of convenience, he should have to take 2 COVID-19 tests before isolating (in between 2 days after coming to KSA) and after isolating himself to verify that the required person doesn’t have the COVID-19, especially the new mutation.

5- Those persons traveling to the KSA should also have to take COVID-19 tests before entering the Kingdom due to some emergency reason. However, they can appeal for a direct visit to KSA rather than staying for two weeks in any third country and then coming to KSA.

6- But if a person is coming from a country other than the 17 countries mentioned above, they should isolate themselves in their house for three days to 1 week. And they must present a COVID-19 free report after the 3rd or 7th day. It should be noted that the people coming to KSA will be observed in their isolation period. 

7- Whether he is coming from the previously listed 17 countries or not, he must present a COVID-19 negative report to continue his travel in KSA.

Covid Situation in Saudia as of 4th January 2021

The total number of COVID-19 cases till the 04-01-2021 in the Kingdom is almost 363080. Out of these all, 354,450 are practically recovered. Recently daily cases have seen a significant drop.

The recovery rate (97.6 %) has become the most successful globally due to the on-time preventive measures. 

The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 is almost 6247.

Approximately 2375 cases are active out of 363080 total cases. Only 358 out of these cases are critical cases throughout the KSA.

Advice from the Ministry of Health:

According to the Health Ministry of KSA,

People coming from Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Japan, and Lebanon should have to isolate themselves for a period of 2 weeks and provide 2 COVID-19 reports. 

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia further said that 

People coming from the countries other than the countries as mentioned earlier should have to isolate themselves for a period of 3 days to 1 week most. They must present a COVID-19 negative report, and these guidelines and travel rules will remain active till further announcement.”

Continuation of Flight Operation

The country decided to continue the worldwide flights and passage through its territory and seaports beginning from 03 January 2021 (Sunday, 11:00 AM) 

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry of Health stated that “The Arrival into the Kingdom via air, land, and ocean will continue at 11 AM. Sunday”

A few limitations included asking non-Saudis from the UK, South Africa, and different nations where the Covid-19 variation had been identified to stay 14 days out of the Kingdom in any 3rd country before entering the Kingdom.

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