About Us

Saudi Arabia is the home to many people from almost every corner of the World known as Expats. Expats in Saudi Arabia belong to different cultures, different races, and various colors. They are different from each other, but they face the same life issues and hardships in Saudi Arabia.

Who are we

We are a group of few Expats in Saudi Arabia who are working hard to bring answers to all critical questions of their fellow Expats, their families, and their daily life decisions.

Our purpose

As Expats in Saudi Arabia, Our primary purpose is to bring the latest and authentic news to you as soon as it is out there. We try our best to cover all the topics, incidents, and the story which is happening out there.

Why only us? 

Many out there are already doing what we plan to do, but they are more like clickbait than focused on bringing authentic news if you look closely. We want to get the most accurate news without any gossip or false information in it.

I hope you will find us different and valuable from others.