King Salman and Crown Prince Expressed their Deep Sadness Over the Ghotki Train Crash

King Salman and Crown Prince Expressed their Deep Sadness Over the Ghotki Train Crash

In the wake of a Ghotki Train Crash in southern Pakistan, King Salman sent condolences to President Dr Arif Alvi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In addition to offering his sympathies, condolences, and good wishes to the President and those affected families, King Salman wished those injured a speedy recovery.

Moreover, to the condolence letters, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, the deputy prime minister, and defence minister sent a cable to President Ali Alvi of Pakistan following an accident involving two trains in southern Pakistan that injured and killed many people.

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In his message of condolence and sympathy, the Crown Princess wished a speedy recovery to the injured. He also offered his condolences to the victims’ families.

King Salman’s Remarks

“We heard of the news of the train accident in Southern Pakistan and the deaths and injuries it caused. We are responding with deep sympathy to you, the families of the deceased, and the entire Pakistan,” the king remarked.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reacted to the accident earlier on Monday, expressing its deep sorrow and “expressing its sincere sympathies to the families of those killed and to Pakistan as a country, government and the leadership,” wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.

Incident Detail of Ghotki Train Crash

Before dawn Monday, a derailed train collided with an express train, where 51 people lost their life. A Search set off for survivors and the dead among the crumpled cars, officials said. There were also more than 100 wounded, in addition to those killed.


Regarding the accident, Federal Minister for Railways Azam Khan Swati said authorities were investigating the cause of the collision on Twitter. Still, it was too early to tell whether it was due to “sabotage” or the dilapidated condition of the train tracks.

According to the Ministry of Railways, there will be a public release of list of those killed and injured.

Initial Report:

The‌ ‌two trains collided due to a broken welding joint on the track in the Ghotki train accident. According to the first investigation report into the Ghotki Train Crash, which occurred during the early morning hours when the Millat Express and Sir Syed Express collided. More than 51 people lost their lives, and more than 100 got injury.

As a result of a faulty weld, 12 coaches of Millat Express collided with a down track. It resulted in the break of up track’s right side.
The accident was caused when the Sir Syed Express collided onto the down track of Millat Express during the onward journey to Karachi.

An engine and four coaches of Sir Syed Express derailed during the accident. Experts were currently extracting both engines’ data from the black boxes, claimed the report.

In a report citing sources, it was reported that the investigators of the Federal Inspectors of Railways would include the data from the black boxes in their investigation report.

According to the report, the collision did not result in any derailment in the six coaches of Millat Express. Likewise, the crash did not result in a derailment in the 12 passenger coaches of Sir Syed Express.

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