Tawakkalna Status for Air Travel

Your Air Travel in Saudia is Linked to Your Tawakkalna Status

On May 04, 2020, SDAIA published an app named “Tawakkalna” on the play store and app store. This application aims to provide the latest news and medical alerts authenticated by the MOH about the chronic virus. Recently Tawakkalna Status made it to headlines after it was made compulsory for Air Travel in Saudia.

Moreover, This application consists of a bundle of permits and features. These features allows the residence to KSA to move around the city for local affairs. They also encourage KSA or international tourists to share any symptoms of COVID-19 in them.

Account in Tawakkalna is Must for Air Travel in Saudia

The Saudi Civil Aviation Department has made the issuance of boarding cards for passengers subject to the Tawakkalna Status. These are the additional guidelines to the one already in place

Civil Aviation has already directed the concerned agencies, including airlines, Saudi Data, and Artificial Intelligence Authority. They are subject to link all data related to flights and their passengers as soon as possible.

The record of the Tawakkalna app will also be reliable about travelers. Moreover, The Civil Aviation Department has already directed the airlines regarding this. However, This record is from April 22, 2021. Travel ban in Saudia is going to end on 17 May 2021

Here is How this will work using Tawakkalna Status

Saudi aviation authorities have made it mandatory for the passengers to register with the Tawakkalna application to fly from Saudi Arabia. The boarding pass will be issued only based on the “Tawakkalna Status” of that specific person.

However, Sources said Saudi aviation authorities would cancel the trip for those suffering from ill-health. For example, this means that those who do not show these two times in their registered Tawakkalna application on mobile will not be able to travel.

However, officials say aviation authorities is not going to see any further documents to prove that no one was infected with the coronavirus. Aziz al-Dawij, president of the Saudi General Civil Aviation Authority, said The Ministry of Health had passed on the information to all airlines operating in the country.

Steps are already in place to link passenger information to the Tawakkalna application. If the health status of online bookers differs from the authorized status, their travel will be notified via SMS. Officials say the rights of those who missed the trip should be guaranteed, including the return of tickets.

Safety Measures at Airport for Safe Air Travel

The GACA also said that a special team is present at the airports to review health recommendations and precautions. In collaboration with the security forces, inspections have been intensified at airports, GACA buildings, and other locations to fine violators.

A protocol officer and approximately 250 supervisors are at airports to monitor body temperature, screening” application testing.

The Civil Aviation Authority has also directed all companies and shopping centers at the airport to take preventive and safety measures by providing awareness messages and education to passengers at airports and other facilities.

Al-Dawij said the authority was working with the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the safety of the country’s people. In this regard, he explained that the Ministry of Health of Saudia had taken high-level action according to the specific recommendations of the country and the World Health Organization standards.

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