Vaccine during Fasting

Will Getting the Covid 19 Vaccine during Fasting break the fast?

If you are celebrating the first عشرة of Ramadan this week, the arrival of your holy month may coincide with the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in your area. If they haven’t already, many states across the country will soon be opening up vaccine during fasting for all the people they want.

But, if you are fasting, you may have questions about the vaccine. For example, does getting vaccinated break your fast? What are the health risks of getting Vaccine during Fasting? After all, are the components of the vaccine halal?

In this article, we at EIS  presented a brief review of the COVID-19 vaccine. Read further to know your required answer.

Will the Covid 19 Vaccine break my Fast in Ramadan?

No, because the vaccine does not enter your gut, it does not break your fast.

The COVID-19 Pfizer BioNtech vaccine and most other COVID-19 vaccines are transfer by injection, and so the vaccine goes into your arm muscles. So yes, when you fast in Ramadan, you can get the Covid 19 vaccine.

For any other regular medication that you take orally, it may be possible to adjust your meal schedule during the month of Ramadan. But never stop or change your medication schedule without first consulting with your healthcare provider.

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Fatwa regarding Vaccine during Fasting

Many religious leaders and organizations worldwide have said that it is permissible to be vaccinated during fasting. For example, Saudi Arabia’s leading Islamic scholars have said that taking the COVID-19 vaccine will not break your fast.

Islamic authorities in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have issued similar orders. Similarly, the International Academy of Islamic Jurisprudence, a higher institution of Islamic jurisprudence and law.

However, the epidemic and related COVID-19 vaccines are all new to us to understand. There is already hesitation in the vaccine, and it is understandable how it can be found in a month like Ramadan when it is more dependent on your fasting.

As a result, Islamic organizations have launched campaigns to combat vaccine hesitation among Muslims during Ramadan. There has also been an emphasis on vaccine misinformation in Muslim communities in the United States.

Is it safe for the health to get Vaccine during Fasting?

Yes, whether you are given your first dose or your second, it is safe to get vaccinated during your fast. The benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine far outweigh the mild discomfort you feel, so you don’t have to delay the appointment of the vaccine.

Common Side effects of the Vaccine

Here are the common side effects of the Vaccine

(1)- Arm pain

(2)- Headache

(3)- Fatigue

(4)- Body aches

(5)- Fever

(6)- It’s getting cold

(7)- Nausea

If you are worried about how your body will react, try to choose a meeting a few hours before Iftar to give yourself a chance to rest later and then break your fast. However, If you are not medically well, it is not permissible for you to fast for whatever reason.

Will Vaccine be less effective if taken during Fasting?

No, there is no reason that you should not take the COVID-19 vaccine while having fast if this is the time you need to get it. Some suggest that there may even be evidence that the immune system – and thus the vaccine – works better during fasting.

In the End

You can get the Covid-19 vaccine or any other vaccine during Ramadan fasting. It is based on the rulings of eminent Islamic scholars and organizations. This is also the practice of health professionals with Muslim patients. If you fast, the vaccine will not be less effective, and the side effects you may experience will not be worse than usual. Remember to stay healthy this Ramadan by following safety guidelines when you gather with people.

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