Steps that you need to take if you lost your Iqama in Saudi

How to get new iqama if lost or stolen [Updated for 2024]

Recently, I encountered the stressful situation of losing my Iqama here in Saudi Arabia. As an expat, this is quite challenging, but I’ve learned a lot about the process for replacing it. I am going to guide you step by step on how you can apply for a new iqama by paying the Iqama replacement fee and how to print a new iqama once it is issued. 

Iqama Replacement Fee

In 2024, the lost Iqama fees are structured based on the frequency of the loss. If it’s your first time losing your Iqama, the fee is somewhat manageable, but it increases with subsequent losses.

  • First Loss: The fee for the first time you lose your Iqama is set at 1,000 Saudi Riyals. This is to cover the administrative costs of issuing a new Iqama.
  • Second Loss: If you lose your Iqama for the second time, the fee increases to 2,000 Saudi Riyals.
  • Third Loss: For the third loss, the fee is even higher, at 3,000 Saudi Riyals. This steep increase is to emphasize the importance of safeguarding your Iqama.

It’s important to note that these fees are in addition to any fines that might be imposed for losing the Iqama. It’s always advisable to keep your Iqama safe and secure to avoid these extra costs. Also, make sure to check Iqama expiry dates. You can also check your fellow expat’s Iqama Expiry

Inform your Sponsor

When I realized that I had lost my Iqama, the very first step I took was to inform my sponsor. This is crucial because your sponsor is integral to the legal and administrative processes in Saudi Arabia. 

They play a pivotal role in facilitating the replacement of the Iqama. By immediately notifying my sponsor, I could initiate the process of reporting the loss to the authorities and start the application for a new Iqama. 

It’s important to act swiftly in such situations to minimize any potential complications and to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Police Report (NOT Required is some cases)

In my case, since my Iqama was lost and not stolen, obtaining a police report wasn’t necessary. However, it’s important to note that if an Iqama is stolen, you must file a police report as soon as possible.

This report is a critical document for replacing a stolen Iqama. It serves as an official record of the theft and is required by the Saudi authorities to process the replacement.

Fortunately, in the case of a lost Iqama like mine, this step can be skipped, simplifying the process slightly. Nonetheless, prompt action and communication with your sponsor remain essential.

How to pay lost iqama fee online

There isn’t any dedicated code or option to pay for lost iqama fees in Sadad. However, here are the steps to follow

  • Go to Sadad Payments from your Banking app
  • Tap on the “Government Payment & Refund” option.
  • Click on “Alien Control” and then “Replace Iqama”.
  • Click on ‘unregister’ and then enter your iqama number in front of ‘Iqama ID’, then tap on “Request payment Fee”.
  • You will see the Penalty fee in **** Saudi Riyals on the “Fee Amount” block, so click on the ‘OK’ for further procedure.
  • When it’s done, you see that quotation on-screen “Dear Customer your Payment is Successfully received”.

You are done with the lost iqama fee for now.

Arrange Required Documents

Once I had paid the fee for my lost Iqama, the next step was to arrange the required documents for the replacement process. This step is crucial because without the right documentation, you cannot proceed with the issuance of a new Iqama. I gathered the following documents before going to Absher and submitting the Iqama lost application formally to Jawazat.

  • Download the Iqama lost Form and fill it in Arabic.
  • Police Report (NOT applicable in my case)
  • Payment of the fee to replace Iqama.
  • My Iqama Copy
  • My Passport Copy.
  • Iqama copy of sponsor
  • Passport copy of sponsor.

How to Report Lost Iqama in Absher

Once all the documents were ready, I filed a report on Absher. Here is how you can report your lost Iqama in Absher

  • Log in to Absher
  • Click on “Services”
  • Select “Passports
  • Click on the “Tawasul” 
  • On the next screen, you will see 2 options. Click on “New Request”
  • Now Select “ خدمات للمقيمين داخل المملكة” for sector 
  • For service place, select “الإبلاغ عن فقدان أو تلف هوية مقيم”
  • In Description, mention that you have lost your Iqama and need to get a new one.
  • Upload the PDF in the file section. Make sure it is less than 1mb in size and there should be “No Space” in File name

How to Print New Iqama

Once my application for a new Iqama was approved and the fees were paid, I received a notification from the Ministry of Interior. This notification included instructions on where and how to collect my new Iqama. I visited the designated service center with the following documents.

  • Print of Tawasul Request
  • Documents that were used when filing application in Absher
  • Book Jawazat Appointment from “Resident Service” option 

At the center, they had my details already in the system, thanks to the online application process.

As of 2023, Digital Documents in Absher mobile application and in Tawakkalna Services App are also accepted. So you can use them instead of getting a print. But print also has its own benefits.
Note: Always stay in touch with the latest news about Iqama. You can join WhatsApp Channel or visit our website often to keep informed.

Source of this info: Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia.

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