ًWhat is Tawakkalna Services app

What is Tawakkalna Services and how it is different from Tawakkalna?

With Covid 19, Many countries started introducing Tech related Services. Tawakkalna is also a similar initiative from the Saudi Arabian Government. Over time, Tawakkalna introduced many other services such as Organ Donation, Ambulance Request, SOS, Manasik Gate, etc. However, Tawakkalna is related to Covid, so now all these services are grouped in a separate app named “Tawakkalna Services.”

What is Tawakkalna Services?

“Tawakkalna Services” is a new app that has all the services from Tawakkalna grouped into one. However, Every Service not related to Covid is part of this new app. As of now, there is a total of 7 types of services. Furthermore, These services include,

  • Public Services
  • Health Services
  • Religious Services
  • Travel Services
  • Education Services
  • Family Members Services
  • Event Services

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Services included in Tawakkalna Services

Every Service itself has different services grouped into them. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Public Services

There are Four Services included in this group

  • Ehsan Donation
  • Certify Mobile Number
  • Tawakkalna Passcode
  • Information Correction

Health Services

There are Three Services in this group

  • Organ Donation
  • Ambulance Request
  • SOS

Religious Services

There is only ONE Service as of now

  • Manasik Gate

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Travel Services

There is only ONE Service included in this section

  • Heath Travel Requirements

Education Services

There are a total of Three services included in this section

  • Children’s Educational Status
  • Madrasati Platform
  • Academic Scores

Family Member Services

There are a total of Two services in this section

  • Checking Up With Dependents
  • Family and Sponsored Members

Events Services

There is Just ONE Service in this section

  • Event Tickets

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Digital Documents

Other than these, there are also Digital Documents available in this application. However, Digital Documents, including Iqama, Driving License, and Vehicle Registration, are part of this.


Just like Tawakkalna, there is a Dashboard in this application. It has the following options available in it

  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth
  • Blood Type
  • Driving Licenses
  • Vehicles under your name
  • Vehicles Insurance
  • Traffic Violations
  • Passport
  • Appointments
  • National Address
  • My Deeds
  • Attorneys
  • Qiyas Exam Results
  • International Travel Records
  • Commercial Registration

Other than all these services and options, you can also change your Language, Update your Password, Update your Home Address, and Delete your account. 

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How to Contact 

Contact Detail is the same for both applications. You can contact them on the following. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tawakkalna Services Application

  • It is considered the SUPER APP for every individual in Saudi Arabia. Also, It aims to increase the quality of life by providing a wide range of services.

Can the Tawakkalna Services app work with Jail Broken devices?

  • No, It cannot work with the Jail Broken Devices.

Does Tawakkalna Services Require users to enable the “Allow Location Access permanently?

  • No. It Does not Require users to Allow location all the time.

Is it Possible to access Tawakkalna Services through the web?

  • No, It cannot be accessed through the web.

What is the Difference between “Tawakkalna” and “Tawakkalna Services” Applications

  • Tawakkalna App aims to limit the spread of Covid 19 by managing the process of electronic permits, Verifying Health status and other services related to Covid. On the other hand, the Tawakkalna Services app aims to be the SUPER App for Saudi Arabian individuals. 

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