Nafaz نفاز is a new platform introduced by the Saudia Government under the 2030 Vision of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. This platform works under The National Information Center (NIC), whose aim is to provide the latest technology and digital solutions to various government agencies. These changes will enable them to work more efficiently.

In this article, we will discuss everything regarding this new Initiative.

Nafaz نفاز

Nafazنفاز is a Unified solution to many government sectors and their services. 

Nafaz Logo - Vision 2030

The plan is to bring every government service under one single roof. It is just like Abshar but a bit advanced version with some different mechanism.

What type of Services are included in Nafaz نفاز

Nafaz is a collection of almost every primary government service. From Iqama Renewal to Visa Expiry check, you can get everything under one roof. You can also apply for a Family visit visa from the same portal. It may take you to the Mofa website, but still, the benefit of having all links in one place is immense. Here is the list of significant service categories that are part of this platform

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship
  2. Education and Training
  3. Family and Life Events
  4. Hajj and Umrah
  5. Health Services
  6. Housing
  7. Informational, communication, and postal services
  8. Islamic Affairs
  9. Jobs and Work Place
  10. Justice and Law
  11. Personal Documents
  12. Resident and Visitors affairs
  13. Safety and Environment
  14. Tourism and Culture
  15. Vehicle and Transportation
  16. Zakat and Tax including VAT

So these are the primary services that are part of this unified program. You can see almost everything is covered in this platform. Now the question is how a new user can register and get benefit from this platform. We have covered that all. Below is the complete process of registering yourself on this platform.

How to Register on Nafaz

  • For registration, you need to visit the following link. The next page will open up, and it will look like this.
Nafaz Main Page
  1. Click on that icon, which will take you to the login page
  2. Just Put your Abshar details and press Login. 
  3. Since you are using it the first time, they will ask for a valid email and phone number. Provide them both, and it will take you to the main page of your profile. 
Email and Mobile Registeration

Now look closely; you will be able to see your Resident identity and its expiry date in front. Before this, it was a completely different procedure to check Your Iqama Expiry or iqama expiry check red green status.

Main Login Page

If you want to browse services, click on the highlighted service area, and it will take you to a page full of different uses.

Other Sevices

Last lines

There are multiple services included in this platform. All of them are directed toward ease of business and easing the process between applicant and government employees. We may see more services getting enrolled in this platform because, from March 2021, new rules will be coming into effect, including the end of the sponsorship system.
Saudia Arabia is changing rapidly under the command of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, King Salman. Vision 2030, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s idea is taking Saudia Arabia to new heights and enabling it to put itself as a global leader.

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