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Jawazat: What If A Person Violates The Returning Date Written On The Exit Visa?

IQAMA and residency laws for foreigners in Saudi Arabia are clear. There are also laws regarding employers and employers; it is essential to be aware of them. Let discuss further more about What If A Person Violates The Returning Date Written On The Exit Visa?

(1)- One person asked the JAWAZAT, “With seven months left until the end of my stay, can I leave KSA for six months?” 

JAWAZAT replied, “In this case, an exit re-entry visa will be valid for the rest of the stay. The person should return to KSA before the expiration of the period.”

According to the law, the minimum period of stay for the departure should be 90 days. The countdown to the number of days that the Expats Promises began when he obtained the exit visa. The visa contains all the essential details in Arabic and English, including the day of departure and returning date; the visa holder must return by that date. 

With more than six months left in the stay. The countdown to the departure starts from the day of travel, i.e., calculated from the day you exit the airport. 

3 years ban if a person violates the law of exit Visa

(2)- Another person asked the question, ‘If a person violated the returning date law and didn’t reach the KSA on the exact date written on the visa, then the violation will be considered from the day when the visa got stamped or from the day he departed from KSA?

“According to the law, if a person violates the law of exit re-entry or final exit, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will blocklist this person from KSA. He will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the next three years,” Jawazat said. Such persons can come to the country only on the second visa issued by their former sponsor during the prohibited period. 

It is incorrect to believe that a three-year ban begins when their visas are stamped. However, according to the residency law. The official authorities calculate the three-year ban from when the person violated the prescribed returning date. You completely understand What If A Person Violates The Returning Date Written On The Exit Visa?

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