What are the conditions for Foreigners traveling abroad from Saudia

What are the conditions for Foreigners traveling abroad from Saudia?

In Saudi Arabia, the passport department has issued four travel conditions for foreigners residing outside Saudi Arabia.

Reservation and Traveling necessities

According to Okaz, the passport department says that “Reservations from the airline, effective visas, effective passports and the conditions of the country where the trip is to take place are necessary.”

Hotel Quarantine

The Passport Department said in a statement that “All persons arriving in Saudi Arabia from countries where there is no restriction on entry, must observe the Hotel Quarantine.”

Exceptions in new travel conditions for foreigners

It will be an exception to the categories that have already been announced but will be subject to the SOPs prescribed by the MOH. Exceptions include Saudi nationals, Saudi foreign wives, Saudi women’s foreign husbands, and domestic staff traveling with one of these categories.

Traveling from Banned Countries in new travel conditions for foreigners

You must know that the Ministry of Home Affairs had imposed a ban on foreigners coming from 20 countries. These countries also include India and Pakistan. Ban is in place because of the new Coronavirus situation.

However, in new conditions for foreigners, only nine countries are now on a ban list from coming to Saudi Arabia. These include Pakistan and India, but travel outside Saudi Arabia is still ongoing. Hopefully, we will soon have new travel conditions for foreigners from Pakistan and India.

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