Warning to All Airlines issued by Saudi Civil Aviation

Warning to All Airlines issued by Saudi Civil Aviation

11 Sep 2021 – The Saudi Civil Aviation Department has instructed and issued a warning to all airlines operating from the country’s airports. They are asked not to use any of Saudi Arabia’s airports as a transit for passengers from countries with travel restrictions.

This Warning is also for Private ones

The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement that the ban would also apply to private airlines.

Detailed Statment:

According to the Emergency website, the Civil Aviation Department has again asked all airlines operating from the country's airports not to provide transit to passengers from any of the airports in Saudi Arabia on which the Kingdom travels.

Warning to all Airlines is Applicable to countries and from where travel to Saudi Arabia is on a ban.

The Civil Aviation Department warned that “there will be legal action for violating the ban.”

If it happens, they are going to consider it as a blatant violation of government orders. Moreover, the concerning airline is going to be subject to legal action and they are going to hold it liable for any damages incurred.

Keep that in mind, Saudia has still banned traffic from Various Countries including Pakistan and India.

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