Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna

Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna

This Article is Last Updated on 28 April 2022. Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna is easy. For the residents of Saudi Arabia, Tawakkalna is now an extremely necessary app. There is almost a 100% chance that you must have heard about this app by an Expat fellow. You can also Use Tawakkalna to apply for Umrah during Covid. However, as of February 2022, the Procedure is quite changed now.

How to Install:

This is simple. Just go to your App store or Playstore and Download Tawakkalna from there. Just download it and install it on your iPhone/Android.

Creating an Account:

Creating an account is simple. However, there are two different ways for people with Absher accounts and people who don’t have Absher accounts.

Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna If You already have an Absher Account:

The process is quite easier if you are an existing Absher user. All you need to do is 

  • Enter your Iqama ID
  • Date of birth (Similar to your Iqama) and click next
  • Select your resident location from the map
  • Answer a few questions asked by the relevant authority regarding Covid 19
  • That’s it. Your account is ready. The next page will take you to your Homepage.

Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna If you don’t have an Absher account:

This process is a bit time-consuming. You need to find a fellow Expat with valid Iqama Expiry who also has his Absher account. 

Following is what they have to do to register you on tawakkalna

  1. Login to their Absher Account
  2. Go to Services
  3. Select General Services
  4. Click on the “Register a mobile number for Tawakkalna.”

Click on next. On the next page Enter the following

  1. Iqama Number
  2. Select Calendar as “Gregorian”
  3. Enter the Birthdate from Iqama
  4. Enter the mobile number which is not registered with Absher
  5. Click on Next
  6. Now it’s your turn. You will get a verification code on your mobile number which you are trying to use for Tawakkalna. 
  7. Enter that Code. 
  8. Your Account is ready to use. 

Login in to your account for the very first time:

Now that you have the Tawakkalna account ready. Here is how you can use it for the first time

  1. Open the app and enter your Iqama number alongside your date of birth which is already displayed on your Iqama.
  2. Click next. Create a Strong password which is a mixture of Numbers, Capital letters, and small letters. For example, Abcde12345 should work fine. 
  3. Answer a few questions related to your health conditions and voila, your account is ready to use. 

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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      1. I have already a tawakalna I registered using passport visitors/Gulf because I have no iqama but I’m domestic helper here in riyadh and then I’m finish second dose vaccine and tawakalna say I’m immune and had a green color for now I already a iqama and then I log-out in my tawakalna account and then I sign in say please make sure the information you entered is correct but all information I write is correct because I save my password and I remember I registered abher the same number of my tawakalna app but not finish registering abher account please help me how I recoved my tawakalna account I already completed my vaccination. I going home this february I cannot open my tawakalna account now.

        1. That’s Very sad. Have you completed your Absher Registeration? If not then follow the steps in Given Link. If you are already registered and you want to update your number then follow these steps

          Now see if you can Register on Tawakkalna using your Iqama and New Registered Mobile Number. I hope this Helps

      1. Indeed help sir ihave tawwalkana but icanot open in icanot re-save ah code beacouse my number already expire can you help me

    1. I have ABSHER account but I forgot my ABSHER password and username.and even my registered phone number on ABSHER is also lost . Now i am trying to register on tawkkalna otp is going on ABSHER registered number . I have asked my brother to register for me through his Asher account. It is showing you can register for someone who already have active account on ABSHER. Please give me some guidance.

    2. Sorry. You can register in Tawakkalna after an already registered user in Tawakkalna verify your …

      writing like thisI had created tavaklana account with my passport number and can’t login again please help me

  1. My phone number can’t be verified on absher because i have used it to register on tawakalna as a visitor, now i want to re register as a resident, it’s not allowing my new number to be verified also, I don’t know if my account has been blocked, I need help.

    1. Send a Support Ticket to Tawakkalna and ask them to remove that number from their record since now you want to register as Resident. What i think is that they are still considering you as a visitor.

      1. Salam, when iam certifying my number from someone else’s tawakkalna its saying ” you cannot certify a person who is outside the kingdom” while iam inside the kingdom and ive checked this on muqeem etc. Its also the same : inside the kingdom.
        What’s the solution?

  2. First time open my tawakkalna registered by passport. Thats time was not my iqama. Noted I have no absher.but absher registration OK.but incomplete my absher because no finger.Tawkkalna password foget.More times I have try forget system apply but I can not open my twakkana.some message show ,Sorry. You can register in Tawakkalna after an already registered user in. Tawakkalna verify your mobile number through “verifying a mobile number forTawakkalna. please solved me

    1. You can ask any other Tawakkalna User to Verify Your Number for you. Or you can contact Tawakkalna on its support so they can help you out.

  3. I have lost the sim that had tawakkalna in it. How can I login from another phone as it is showing something went wrong

    1. my son in law aalso lost the sim that had tawakkalna in it. he also in Bangladesh. How can I login from another phone as it is showing something went wrong.

  4. I have all ready user I’d in tawakkalna but if I open not open because tell need to virify my mobile number how can I virify please help me

  5. Greetings in the name of Allah’
    I want to update my new mobile number in tawakkalna because my old number doenst work any more and a side from that i couldn’t receive any Sms verification code. Is there any chance i can update my new mobile number? Please help me, looking for your kindness and consideration
    Thank you

    1. Click on your Profile Tab in Tawakkalna. You will see an option of “Update Mobile Number”. Click on it. and enter the new number which you want to update. That’s it.

      1. Hi,
        I cannot received any otp number to log in to tawakkalna that send to my number who is expired now.
        Can i update the new number through the tab in tawakkalna app?

  6. Please help me i already register in tawakkalna but i can open its said verify your mobile number.. my boss already verify my number. But until now i cant open it..i already call the support team they only said to me is to log in in google o already do it.but still the message was you cant register in tawakkalna you have already register..due to few a tempt.your account is suspended..i call again in support but still same procedure they tell..what will i do i need tawakkalna please help me

    1. Same problem with my wife too, she already registered by border number and she has iqama bur the error comes that verify the number and I have verified the mobile number by my absher but still the same problem, don’t know what to do?

  7. Salam, How can my daughter download the app and register with a foreign phone number?
    She do not have a saudi phone number. She is holding a Iqama.

    1. Dear Junaid, I am facing same case.
      Could Tawakkalna use a foreign number meanwhile she arrive IK, and get a mobile number here.


  8. Dear Everyone,

    My wife is on visit to Saudi Arabia. When I try to register her details on the tawakkalna app an error msg appears saying ” Please make sure that the ‎information entered is ‎correct “.

    What I have entered is correct, kindly help me on this issue I am trying to solve this from months.


  9. Hello everyone hope you’re having a blessed day,

    I recently arrived to KSA, everything was running smoothly on tawakkalna until I accidentally clicked on log out/sign out, it’s not a problem I know my password but ,to my surprise, it’s not working (bug from the application) and after multiple trials the application told me to reset my password.
    I filled all the fields but when i press the button to reset it says that “sorry the entered mobile number is already in use” and can’t seem to reset it.
    Does anyone here know how to fix this issue? (I already contacted tawakkalna services and opened a ticket, sent email as reminder but it’s taking too long)

    Thank you for your time.

  10. I have already absher account and my registered number with absher has lost, and currently I am in Pakistan.
    In this condition how can I register my tawakalna.

  11. Help me to open my tawakkalna account because she is not open. And i try to forgot the password but its not working what can I do to open my account? Please help me.

  12. Does anyone had any experience that you had first dose of corona vaccine in Saudi and then went for exit and then return with new iqama number.
    The question is, how to get the first dose information registered in the new iqama information?

  13. My family is on visit visa. When i try to register on tawakkalna by giving all correct details an error appeares “Make sure entered info is correct”
    How can i solve this issue

  14. I foregate my user id and password for tawakklna.
    how can i know my user name and password.

  15. Dear Junaid, I’m presently in India and I don’t get one till password (otp) due to expired my mobily sim. How can I create new account in thawakkalna app. Is available OTP by email? Help me please. Thank you.

  16. I’m presently in America and I misplaced my sim card from Saudi, how can I access tawakkalna app to prove I have taken the first dose of vaccine from Saudi.

  17. The problem is with this APP is the phone number to contact people don’t answer. The mailbox is full for support.
    Registering for a COVID PCR test is not allowed so what can you do like they say you can. Very fustrating.

  18. Hi,i would like to Know how to
    Register for this App If u arrival first time,i Just Arrival yesterday and i dont have ID yet.(m not visiter,Came for job visa )

    Thank u

    1. Hi. Welcome to Saudia.
      You need to get your ID e.g. IQAMA First. If you are with your company, they will do all the work for you. Once you have your ID, Just enter the information in the registration form of the Tawakkalna Application and you are good to go.

  19. I have lost my mobile sim which was registered on absher, now I am in India and want to register in tawakkalana app, how I can register ??
    My friend was try to register new sim for tawakkalana from his absher account but unfortunately can’t get it. Message paper “you can not register for someone who have an active absher account”
    Please help……🙏🙏

  20. My tawakalna was smoothly running with my mobile number, however, once my 14 aged son arrived in KSA in visit visa, i tried to open his thawakkalna using my same mobile number and got registerd, however, i am singed out. I just arranged a new numver for my son and opened thawakkalna for him using the same, however, i am still unable to open my own thawakkalna using my old number.

    Please help

  21. Dear Junaid
    I had lost my mobile and sim with which I had registered with tawakkalna app but I’m in india so I can’t get that sim back, then how do I open the app again…

  22. i have american visitor with American mobile number. I want to add this number to my absher account so he can update tawakkalna app with his vacine details. Absher does not recognize non saudi mobiles?

  23. would have been handy to know that in advance. It is not mentioned anywhere in the information provided. So will just have to buy new pay as you go sim.

  24. My tawakalna is registered on saudi mobile number now i have to change it to INDIAN mobile number but i am not getting verification code on my Indian number . I am on visit visa

  25. I need help for eatmarna app. I have forgot my password and changed my mobile number . When i am doing forgot password the Verification code is coming on my old number. My eatmarna
    account is also been suspended

  26. Hi I am on new Iqama and will be reaching saudi in 10 days. Do i need to register on Tawakkalna app? Can i do it with my home country mobile number or do I need a saudi number? Can this be done with Passport?


  27. Dear,

    I am trying to get verification using Indonesian Mobile Numb, was not successful. I have tried to use another Indonesian family member’s Mobile Number in Indonesia, but still, there is no Verification Code arrives.
    Could you help me to find out why it’s not working with the Indonesian Mobile Number ??


  28. Hi,
    Do I need to update Tawakkalna app before entering the Saudi Arabia? Or should I update it after entering.
    My father has an absher account. Can I use his phone number for my tawakalna app?

    I am travelling from India

  29. The mobile number that was registered to absher is closed by the network provider. I login in tawakkalna asking for a verification code send to the closed mobile number. What can I do?

  30. The mobile number that was registered to absher is closed by the network provider. I login in tawakkalna asking for a verification code send to the closed mobile number. What can I do? Please help!! thank you

  31. Hello Sir,
    I am currently outside kingdom. I previously registered Tawakkalna, when I was in kingdom. Now I am outside, I cannot receive OTP on my Zain mobile number as there is no coverage.
    Can you please advise any solution in this regard,

  32. cannot register. after i entered all details corect. its saying make sure all information entered is correct.
    how to fix this error

    kindly help.

  33. Hi Sir,
    I lost the mobile number registered on Tawakkalna and currently I am outside KSA. So one of my friends in KSA using the ‘certify another person’ method tried to register an account for me with a new sim card. But it shows ‘Sorry, you cannot certify a person who is outside Saudi Arabia’. How else can I successfully register in Tawakkalna.
    Please Help. I need this to avoid the quarantine measures while going back to KSA.

  34. Could you give me a hand? I have registered Tawakkalna with a Saudi number, and at that time, I used my passport to buy this SIM card, in a few days ago, I got my iqama, but I can’t sign up with my iqama, it always shows that sorry, you can register in Tawakkalna after an already registered user in Tawakkalna verify your mobile number through “verifying a mobile number for Tawakkalna”and it still didn’t work with my passport number.

  35. Hi sir
    I want to create tawakkalna account but my abser account mobile number is dead.
    Please help me
    Currently I am stay India
    Abser mobile no 0576993791
    Iqama No. 2383708290
    Please send me OTP in my new No. 0578184342

  36. I tried to register other person’s cell for twakallna.But getting some error msg.”sorry U can register in twakallna after an already registered user In twakallna verify Ur mobile number through ” verifying a mobile number for twakallna”.
    Kindly help me in this matter.

    1. Do you have your sim in Saudia? Ask any friend to use it and login into Absher and only then he can change your Number and update it to new one

  37. After Register in Absher and when try to register in Tawakkalna error came :
    Sorry. You can register in Tawakkalna after an already registered user in Tawakkalna verify your mobile number through “verifying a mobile number for Tawakkalna “

    when try to verify from tawakkalna App from registered “sorry you cannot certify a person who is outside saudi arabia ”

    Please help

  38. Sorry. You can register in Tawakkalna after an already registered user in Tawakkalna verify your mobile number through “verifying a mobile number for Tawakkalna “

    when try to verify from tawakkalna App from registered “sorry you cannot certify a person who is outside saudi arabia ”

    Please advise if any other way to certify& verify the mobile number….

  39. Hi Junaid,

    Do I need a saudi phone number if somebody else would like to verify me? I am resident but have been outside for a while and as such my Saudi phone does not work anymore. I would be grateful if you could help out.


  40. Hi, good morning. I already add my wife’s mobile number in Absher and it is ok but when I tried to certify mobile number of my wife, a pop message saying that Sorry you cannot certify a person who is outside Saudi Arabia. My family is already here in Saudi Arabia undergoing institutional quarantine. Is there any other way how to certify mobile number or how she can sign-up in Tawakkalna without certifying her mobile number? Thank you.

  41. I want to make tawakalna account of my son. He doesn’t have absher account. I registered mobile number through my absher for my son and complete the process as mentioned but on time of making account by adding iqama number and date of birth, when I click next. I receive following message.

    “Sorry.. You can register in Tawakkalna after identifying the mobile number from one of the registrants in the Tawakkalna application through the “Mobile Identification of Tawakkalna” service”

  42. Dear Junaid,
    My cousin on vacation in Pakistan, now he is coming to saudi arabia but he lost his simcard on which already have absher and tawakkalna. Now otp going to that lost sim, and we are unable to get tawakkalna or sehhaty report for traveling, please give guide me of there is any solution


  43. Sir ..I done my first dose of vaccine in soudi arbia I m in Pakistan ..wht should I do for my second dose of(vaccine. pefizer ) plz guide meras

  44. Hi there, I will be planning to visit to Saudia and wanted to know that can I registered for takwalna app with my roaming English number ? As I will be using my same number at roaming while in Saudia.
    An early reply would be highly appreciated

  45. I want to reset my tawakhalna password but My simcard not working anymore..
    So I buy a new sim but…
    But i cant update .
    What should i do?
    Please help me.
    Thank you

  46. Can my husband put my indonesian number in his absher? ((For tawakalna purpose))

    Because my saudi number is expired and i cant use it anymore

  47. Hello,all ready completed my absher account but when I login otp is coming then I will fill otp then not open absher so please if you have idea help me because I don’t have iqama I have temporary work visa if not working absher not possible add tawakkalana India vaccine certificate

  48. Hello i am on business visit with PwC for 3 days, i do have business visa not iqama how do i register? And so i have to creat absher account? Tawakalna doesnt let me sign in