Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna
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Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna

This Article is Last Updated on 28 April 2022. Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna is easy. For the residents of Saudi Arabia, Tawakkalna is now an extremely necessary app. There is almost a 100% chance that you must have heard about this app by an Expat fellow. You can also Use Tawakkalna to apply for Umrah during Covid. However, as of February 2022, the Procedure is quite changed now.

How to Install:

This is simple. Just go to your App store or Playstore and Download Tawakkalna from there. Just download it and install it on your iPhone/Android.

Creating an Account:

Creating an account is simple. However, there are two different ways for people with Absher accounts and people who don’t have Absher accounts.

Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna If You already have an Absher Account:

The process is quite easier if you are an existing Absher user. All you need to do is 

  • Enter your Iqama ID
  • Date of birth (Similar to your Iqama) and click next
  • Select your resident location from the map
  • Answer a few questions asked by the relevant authority regarding Covid 19
  • That’s it. Your account is ready. The next page will take you to your Homepage.

Verifying a mobile number for tawakkalna If you don’t have an Absher account:

This process is a bit time-consuming. You need to find a fellow Expat with valid Iqama Expiry who also has his Absher account. 

Following is what they have to do to register you on tawakkalna

  1. Login to their Absher Account
  2. Go to Services
  3. Select General Services
  4. Click on the “Register a mobile number for Tawakkalna.”

Click on next. On the next page Enter the following

  1. Iqama Number
  2. Select Calendar as “Gregorian”
  3. Enter the Birthdate from Iqama
  4. Enter the mobile number which is not registered with Absher
  5. Click on Next
  6. Now it’s your turn. You will get a verification code on your mobile number which you are trying to use for Tawakkalna. 
  7. Enter that Code. 
  8. Your Account is ready to use. 

Login in to your account for the very first time:

Now that you have the Tawakkalna account ready. Here is how you can use it for the first time

  1. Open the app and enter your Iqama number alongside your date of birth which is already displayed on your Iqama.
  2. Click next. Create a Strong password which is a mixture of Numbers, Capital letters, and small letters. For example, Abcde12345 should work fine. 
  3. Answer a few questions related to your health conditions and voila, your account is ready to use. 

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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