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Vaccine Will Be Compulsory For Events And Public Transport After 1st August 2021:

The Saudi Interior Ministry has said that the vaccine requirement for events and public transport. This including public and private institutions implemented from August 1. He said Vaccine Will, Be Compulsory For Events And Public Transport After 1st August 2021.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the ministry said, “Reiterating the previous decision. We remind you that from August 1, the vaccine requirement applies to participation. In any commercial, cultural, recreational or sports as well as social events.”

“Similarly, the vaccine requirement also applied for public transport. In addition to any government department or private institution. All Saudi citizens and expatriates are required to show their status in the Tawakalna app. They need to prove the status of their vaccine.”

The ministry said that “It is essential for everyone to take precautionary measures against the covid 19. People should follow all the SOPs, should wear masks, and should ensure social distance.

Does Your Wife Need A Travel Permit When She Travelling Abroad?

Someone on Abshar’s account asked if his wife needed a permit to travel abroad. The Abshar service administration has said that it is unnecessary to issue a permit for the wife’s travel as ABSHER only gives the permit to persons below 21.

Responding to the question, the Abshar administration said that “People over the age of 21 do not need a permit if they want to go abroad,” according to the local news website.

Similarly, the Abshar account has replied to the query of a person about vehicle ownership. Transferring that “the transfer of ownership of the vehicle cannot occur. Unless the money is paid through the guarantor”. In addition, the vaccine is compulsory for her travel.

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