Vaccine Status will show in Tawakalna after 14 days

Vaccine Status will show in Tawakalna after 14 days

On May. 04, 2020, Tawakalna App got published by SDAIA under the Ministry of Health and Saudi Arabia’s National Information Centre’s supervision.

Permits offered in Tawakkalna

Tawakalna” played an essential role in the control of the spread of COVID-19. This app allowed different “permits (Issue-e-permit, Travel-permits, Movement-permits, UMRAH permit, Prayer permit)”. These Permits are useful during the COVID-19 curfew to visit other places, getting medical assistance, and self-disclosure services.

What’s on the Tawakalna Homepage?

Here is what you will have on your Tawakkalna Homepage once you are done with your account creation.

(1)- Covid vaccine registration. 

(2)- Covid status of the account holder in color-coded reports. 

(3)- Covid self-assessment test.

(4)- Digital Iqama and driving license 

(5)- Dependent’s health status registered with their beneficiary account.

(6)- A QR code facility to know “Is there any room for you in the mall or not?” 

Color Coded Patterns in Tawakkalna

Click on the health condition button on the home page, you will see the Covid-19 status of the account holder. Moreover this status is visible in color-coded patterns.

Moreover, According to the MOH, color-coded patterns ensure and demonstrate the health status of a person through encrypted personnel Data.

Updated Vaccine Status in Tawakalna

Locals and foreigners in Saudi Arabia said their COVID-19 color-coded status on the Tawaklana app had not changed 14 days after receiving the first dose of the corona vaccine.

A local said the relative management told him that after taking the first dose, the status in the Tawakalna app would change, but more than 14 days have passed, but the status of the previous one remains the same.

However, According to newspaper 24, the management of the Tawakkalna app responded to the queries of Saudis and immigrants. The authority said that “The Ministry of Health sending the record of COVID-19 vaccine intake and Only then does the candidate’s position change in the Tawakalna app.”

Whom to contact if status is not updated on Tawakalna after 14 days:

The management of the Tawakalna app advised that those whose status has not changed after 14 days of receiving the first dose of the vaccine should contact the Ministry of Health and request the updated vaccine status on Tawakkalna.

Example of how Status will be shown in Tawakkalna:

Remember that the Tawakalna app had previously said that their position in the app changes if someone gets the first corona vaccine.

For example, Person X (has taken the first dose and he is protected from the virus) This sentence appears to be written in dark green.

It happens if the person is free from the virus and 14 days have passed since the first dose.
The Tawakkalna app management says that this position lasts 180 days from the first dose until the person takes the second dose.

Latest Covid 19 Vaccine Stats in Saudi Arabia

On the other hand, according to the latest statistics, the Ministry of Health said, “Almost 1,317,265 doses of corona vaccine had given all across the KSA.”

The health ministry says more than 148,000 new doses of the corona vaccine have been given to locals and foreigners in Saudi Arabia in the past 24 hours.

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  1. Good day

    I am currently in Zanzibar.
    The Tawakalna App is not working. The status, Immune by first dose, is not showing.

    How can I receive an updated status? I tried to email Tawakalna, it said: The mailbox are full. Your message was not delivered.

    Please help.

  2. Good day, I was completely vaccinated for second dose last july 13, 2021 here in KSA but until now still my tawakkalna status is immune by 1st dose. Can please fix my tawakkalna status?

    1. Same here I was fully vaccinated on july 13 at 4;30 pm in Jubail General hospital but still not showing on my Tawakalna til this moment

  3. Hello Good Day,

    Vaccine status is not updated after 14 days. Now it is more than 20 days. Cannot visit any where without updated status, I tried many times to contact health ministry and tawakalna but no response.

    What to do now ?

  4. I was completely vaccinated of 2nd dose but until now the status showed in my tawakkalna is imune by first dose, what happened?any idea how to update my 2nd dose status?

      1. Same to me. I contact MOH they call3d me back to contact Tawalkakna so I contacted Tawalkalna the say i should contact MOH. Sighhh What should i do now?

  5. Same problem i’ve done my 2nd dose last august 21,2021 but still nothing appeared on my tawakalna even my 1st dose