Which Students Can Not Go To School On The First Day

Vaccine for Students: Which Students Can Not Go To School On The First Day?

Vaccine for students is available all over the kingdom. The Saudi Ministry of Health has warned that students who do not receive the first dose of the Covid-19. If they do not receive it before August 8 will not go to school on the first day.

According to the lesson website, has pointed out that a gap of three weeks between the first dose of the vaccine and the second dose is necessary.

The Ministry of Health has emphasized that students who are between the ages of 12 and 18 must get the vaccination to attend school. It is also essential for their health and safety and for their peers, teachers, and instructors who come to school. It is also in the broader interest of the school administration.

61% Of School And 85% Of University Students Vaccinated

The Saudi Ministry of Education says there is a satisfactory increase in the rate of coronavirus vaccination among people who have affiliation with educational institutions.

According to newspaper 24, the Ministry of Education said that 61% of school and 85% of university students were vaccinated.

The Ministry of Education said that 92% of school teachers, office workers, and other employees have also been vaccinated.

The Ministry of Education has asked students and officials to get the first dose before August 8. After that, they get a second dose three weeks later. So that the new academic year can start safely on August 29.

It is noticeable that the ministry gave almost 28.857 million corona vaccines across the country. Of them, 1.96 million people have taken the first dose, and 9.2 million have taken the second dose.

In the last 24 hours, more than 365,000 Saudis and expatriates have received the corona vaccine.

The vaccine for students is necessary and they need it before their new academic year.

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