Vaccine for people aged 75

Vaccine for people aged 75 is free of any appointment

At the end of December 2020, the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia started a vaccination campaign against coronavirus. Main aim of this campaign was to provide free vaccines to the citizens of Saudi Arabia in three phases. Vaccine for people aged 75 is free of any appointment

Till today’s date, the MOH has opened almost more than 587 COVID-19 vaccination centers all across the kingdom. The ministry decided to give the vaccine in three phases, and enrollment for the vaccine was done by Sehatty application.

UPDATE: You can also book Vaccine appointment using Tawakkalna

MOH has taken this step to ensure all the local and foreign workers’ safety and stop the spread of COVID-19. Around 1 out of 10 people in the kingdom is going to get vaccine soon

Covid 19 Vaccine for people aged 75 and above

On 09-04-2021, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health announced that all the residents (citizens and expats) of the 75 age and over the age of 75 would get COVID-19 vaccines directly from the vaccination center without booking an appointment on the Sehatty application.

MOH reminded everyone to register their names on the Sehatty application for the free vaccination program. This is to preserve all society members’ health and safety.

It also underlined the need to adhere to preventive measures to stem the spread of the pandemic. The ministry warned of a surge in coronavirus infections while attributing this to the lack of compliance with the precautionary measures and preventive protocols.

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