Guidebook For Covid-19 Vaccine Exemption Categories

Guidebook For Covid-19 Vaccine Exemption Categories

Vaccine Exemption: The Saudi Ministry of Health has said that corona vaccines registered in the kingdom are effective and safe. Some people may be allergic to the corona vaccine-like other drugs, while others stopped getting the vaccine due to health problems.

According to the Okaz newspaper, the Ministry of Health said in a statement that “it is not right to deprive anyone of the vaccine. However, if we believe that some people may have difficulty getting the vaccine, they must be exempted from it.

Who Are Exempt From The Covid-19 Vaccination?

The Ministry of Health has released a guidebook for the Corona Vaccine Exemption categories. It stating that an exception to the Code 19 vaccine is that the first dose of the vaccine causes severe allergies.

  • Suppose the vaccine is severely allergic to any of the ingredients in the vaccine, such as polyethylene jelly coal,  included in Pfizer and Moderna. Similarly, AstraZeneca contains polysorbate. It is also a matter of the combined element of PEG and polysorbate.
  • The Ministry of Health said that the exemption from the vaccine is temporary due to the delay in the vaccine. The health condition of the candidate sometimes disables the vaccine. For example, cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. These include those who take rheumatoid arthritis and medicines that affect the immune system.

“Sometimes it is the opinion of a physician that vaccination can exacerbate the disease. But it is difficult to determine the cause,” the statement said.

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