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Vaccine Certificate Holders Are Allowed To Travel To Egypt Without Pcr Test Certificate

Saudi Arabian Airlines has said that travelers having a certificate of the COVID 19 vaccine can travel to Egypt without requesting a PCR test certificate. According to the local website the people of Saudi Arabia now easily go to Egypt, they just need to take care of their health and need some more care for travel.

Vaccine Certificate Requirement:

Vaccine certificate records must state that 14 days have elapsed for a second dose. Egypt supports a second dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca or Moderna or Synopharm or SPORTINK vaccines. Or one can also take a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine 14 days ago.

Muhammad Ansari, An Expert Of Tourism, Advice To Travellers:

Muhammad Ansari, an expert on tourism programs, said that traveler’s satisfaction is mandatory for health and safety. Even if they have received both vaccines.  

He said that it is true that some countries do not require PCR from both coronavirus vaccinators, but before traveling to any country.

It is noticeable that EgyptAir had announced in July that PCR certificates would not be required from certificate holder passengers. Also, these certificates must approve in the country from which they are traveling. Must have a QR code. 

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