Umrah 2022 Guide for Pakistani Pilgrims

Updated Guide for Umrah 2022 from Pakistan

Updated: 21 March 2022. For the believers, no journey is as rewarding as going on a pilgrimage to the earthly abode of Allah Almighty. Umrah, or the simple Hajj, gives a person the passion and means to do so to renew his faith and receive the blessings and bounties of his Creator. Traditionally, Pakistan has always been one of the countries with the highest number of Umrah pilgrims. But how has the COVID-19 epidemic and the latest entry requirements in Saudi Arabia affected UMRAH 2022 From PAKISTAN?

Detailed Procedure for Umrah 2022 from Pakistan

Yes, Saudi Arabia is currently issuing permits to foreign pilgrims wishing to perform Umrah, including Pakistan. In addition, the Saudi government has eased restrictions on COVID, primarily for international arrivals from all countries.

Also, according to the latest announcement from the Saudi government, there is no need for a -ve PCR test for international visitors to the kingdom. However, travellers on visitor visas (including Umrah pilgrims) must have medical insurance to cover the cost of COVID-19 related treatment during their stay.

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Updated News for Pakistani Pilgrims

According to the new Umrah Visa Rules 2022, Umrah pilgrims have to follow the following

  1. No need for PCR Test.
  2. No Need to Show your Vaccine Status.
  3. You can now extend your Umrah stay for 30 days compared to the last ten days’ allowance.
  4. You can Directly go in Makkah and Perform Umrah. There is no Quarantine for any visitor.

All foreign travellers 18 years of age or older can enter Saudi Arabia subject to conditions approved by the Ministry.

From where to get Umrah Visa in 2022?

You can get your Umrah visa in as many ways as you can.

  1. By Visiting the nearby Saudi Consulate
  2. Visiting the Saudi government approved travel agents
  3. You can also Visit the nearest Etimad service centre in your city
  4. Through Eatmarna and Tawakkalna apps

Requirements for Umrah 2022

Here, we list all the requirements and steps for Pakistani pilgrims to meet both criteria.

Umrah Visa Requirements for Pakistani Pilgrims

Holders of Umrah visas can enter Saudi Arabia for 14 days OR 30 days. Also, Holders of Umrah visas must complete Umrah and ensure their departure from Saudi Arabia within the stipulated time.

  1. Completed Umrah Visa Application Form Obtained from the nearest Saudi Consulate or Certified Travel Agent of Saudi Government
  2. Pilgrims will have to provide four recent pass size photos with blue/white background.
  3. Adult pilgrims must have real NADRA CNIC.
  4. Passport valid for at least eight months with two blank pages for visa issuance
  5. Children and infants must have a NADRA B form.
  6. Pilgrims must attach their confirmed and non-refundable air tickets for Umrah visa approval.
  7. Pilgrim should have a certified and non-refundable airline ticket to K.S.A. Departure from K.S.A. must be within two weeks from the date of entry.
  8. Pilgrims have confirmed hotel booking for issuance of Umrah visa.
  9. Pilgrims should attach a vaccination certificate for meningococcal meningitis at least ten days before admission.
  10. According to the Saudi government’s policy, a valid vaccination certificate is necessary to issue an Umrah visa.
  11. Biometrics must get provided by pilgrims for approval of Umrah visa. Also, Biometrics is available in Rs. 1500 from nearby Etimad Service Center.
  12. Women pilgrims should travel for Umrah with a Muharram who may be their father, son or brother.
  13. Men over 40 years of age and pilgrims over 45 can travel without the need for Muharram.
  14. Passport with a minimum period of six months from the date of application
  15. If the applicant is not a citizen of the country from which he is applying, a valid residence permit is must
  16. Attach Certificates of vaccination against meningococcal meningitis, yellow fever (if you are from high-risk countries) and polio (if you are from high-risk countries)
Vaccine Requirements for Umrah 2022 Visa
  • AS of 21 March, 2022 all Rules regarding Vaccines are OFF. Furthermore, You don’t need to show your vaccine status. You can come to saudia even if you are non vaccinated.

Vaccine Registeration on Muqeem Platform

You will first need to register your vaccination status on the portal based in Saudi Arabia at least 72 hours before departure. Since Umrah pilgrims are known as short-term pilgrims, you will first need to register your arrival here and a vaccination certificate.

Also, Step by Step Registration Process is already discussed here >> Muqeem Registration

Umrah 2022 Package and Price Estimation

The price of the Umrah package for the year 2022 in Pakistan varies according to the type of accommodation, flight and other facilities.

For example, a 3-star Umrah package can cost approximately PKR 165,000 and includes double room accommodation, flight tickets, visa application costs and transportation options.

A 5-star package can cost as little as PKR 300,000 and includes higher accommodation, flight tickets, visa application costs, transportation and a tour guide. Also, Please consult your approved Umrah Travel Agent for the latest pricing updates

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