Updated Travel Guidelines for Saudi Arabia as of 29 May 2021

Updated Travel Guidelines for Saudi Arabia as of 29 May 2021

After the resumption of international flights on May 17, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) has issued an explanatory statement regarding quarantine for passengers who wants to travel to Saudi Arabia. Also, Saudia has already issued Updated Travel guidelines and asked users to register their vaccine doses on Muqeem Platform

Earlier they imposed some conditions for travelers. However in recent development and Updated Travel Guidelines, according to the local news, Saudi Arabia says that passengers who will be quarantined on arrival in Saudi Arabia will choose one of the hotel packages according to the prescribed system.

Book your Quarantine Package:

Moreover, with new Updated Travel Guidelines in place you can book your quarantine packages according to your choice by the below link:


Updated Travel Guidelines as of 29 May 2021

Guidelines for Saudi Citizens:

From 01:00 AM on May 17, 2021, Saudi nationals traveling abroad apply the following conditions.

  • Firstly, Saudi citizens should have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or received one dose on the condition that (14) fourteen days have elapsed since the day of their first vaccine dose corresponds to the Tawakkalna APP.
  • Secondly, Saudi citizens who have recovered from COVID-19 because they have not had an infection for more than six months correspond to the Tawakkalna APP.
  • Lastly, Saudi citizens under the age of 18 on condition that they provide an insurance policy approved by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, which covers the treatment of COVID-19 abroad following the guidelines established by the relevant institutions.

Updated Travel Guidelines for Non Saudis:

  • Firstly, Non-Saudi nationals with tourist visas cannot enter the country during COVID-19 epidemics.
  • Secondly, Travel with an ID card for GCC citizens is on hold.
  • Thirdly, Provide a negative PCR test certificate issued by a certified laboratory to all visiting guests, including members of the approved diplomatic mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their families (including Saudi citizens and children under the age of 8). Must be no more than (3 days) from the test hours until the royal departure, and guests who do not provide a certificate will be denied boarding.
  • Fourthly, Except for passengers under the age of one, all guests must undergo two PCR tests within 24 hours of arrival and on the 7th day of arrival. Only If the result is negative, they can leave the quarantine on the eighth day.
  • Finally, All guest tourists intending to visit the Kingdom (excluding citizens, residents, and GCC citizens) must have medical insurance covering the cost of COVID-19 treatment at outpatient clinics, emergencies, and hospitals. Also, there will be institutional quarantine for 14 days.

Here are few more things that you need to remember while traveling for Saudi Arabia.

Guidelines Regarding Approved Vaccines:

  • All guests must obtain and show proof of vaccination (vaccine certificate for COVID 19) with one of the following vaccines:
    • Two doses of Pfizer Biotech
    • 2 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca
    • Two doses of Moderna
    • One dose of vaccine by Johnson Johnson
  • The country’s public health department must verify the vaccine certificate, which provided the vaccine to incoming travelers, between the last dose (the second dose of the two-dose vaccine or the first dose of the same dose). The duration should not be less than 14 days before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Guests must carry their immunization certificate with them at all times during their stay in the Kingdom. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in legal liability Makes. They were also denied.
  • Moreover, All guests must take the PCR test on the 7th day of arrival. If the result is negative, they are allowed to leave the quarantine on the 8th day.

Guidelines Regarding Quarantine:

  • All international travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia will have to complete an institutional quarantine period (7 days) at their own expense, after which they will start arriving at the institution with severe institutional facilities. The following categories are exempt from institutional quarantine:
    • Citizens, Saudi citizens, spouses of citizens, children of citizens, and any person with domestic workers are mentioned in these categories. 
    • Non-immune passengers in this category will undergo a domestic quarantine for seven days and be allowed to take the Quaid 19 PCR test starting on the 6th day of the quarantine.
    • Non-Immune residents will comply with the Domestic Employees’ Comprehensive Home Eligibility Compliance for seven days. They will be allowed to take the Covid 19 PCR test starting on the 6th day of the Coordination.
    • Immune passengers are as follows:
      • For citizens or residents: whose status (spitting) indicates by completing the vaccine against COVID-19 in the application, who have passed 14 days after their first dose or recovered from (COVID-19), This period is not more than six months.
      • For non-residents and first-timers: who have completed 14 days after receiving all vaccination doses (via a vaccine from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) while certifying or Provide evidence Ministry of Health.
      • People with diplomatic visas, diplomatic staff, and their families, on the basis, that they follow the quarantine procedure following the rules approved by the Home Health Act (MOH).
      • Cabin staff
      • People in healthcare chains, according to the MOH

Exception of 20 Countries

  • The above points do not apply to those countries where flights are suspended due to COVID-19.
    • Flights are Temporarily suspended for guests of these countries
      • Argentina
      • UAE
      • Germany
      • USA
      • Indonesia
      • Ireland
      • Italy,
      • Pakistan
      • Brazil
      • Portugal
      • UK
      • Turkey
      • South Africa
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • France
      • Lebanon
      • Egypt
      • India
      • Japan
  • This also applies to people coming from other countries if they have passed through any of the above countries within (14) days before entering the Kingdom.
  • However, Exception is for Saudi citizens and their families and accompanying workers, diplomats, health workers, and their families. For non-Saudi nationals (PCR), test certificate must provide a negative result
  • Family members of health practitioners are allowed to travel to the Kingdom from the suspended countries mentioned above without spending (14) days with the Health Practitioner and without the suspended countries.

Quarantine Days for Different Guests

All guests have to quarantine themselves as follows:

  • All guests from these countries who have straining cases of the new coronavirus (B.1,1,7) will be confined to their homes for (7) days.
  • For all guests arriving from other refugee camps, a mandatory (7) day home application or (3) day mandatory laboratory PCR examination will be required.

A list of organizational quarantine facilities licensed by the Ministry of Tourism is available at 


Use Of Digital Services in Updated Travel Guidelines:

  • All guests must download and register on Tatmin and Tawakkalna applications.
  • They must assign a home location via the Tatman app within 8 hours of arrival.
  • Guests should monitor for CoIDID-19 symptoms, call 937 immediately if any symptoms appear, or go to a primary health care center or emergency if necessary.
  • Guests must check their health daily in the Tatmin app.
  • The Health Disclaimer Form states that guests should take precautions during quarantine at home.

Guidelines for those traveling with Saudi CItizens

  • Non-citizen citizens of Saudi Arabia being a family member (husband, wife or child) or a Saudi domestic worker (driver or domestic worker) if traveling with Saudi nationals and entering the Kingdom directly without the need for any expenses Allowed to be out of the country for more than (14) days in which new strain of coronavirus has spread but still need to provide a negative PCR test certificate issued by a certified laboratory when the test is going Kingdom does not exceed (72) hours.
  • Allow a Saudi woman married to a non-Saudi man to go with her husband in Saudi Arabia or go abroad with her husband by providing marriage documents.
  • Allow Saudi men married to non-Saudi women living abroad with married documents to travel to Saudi Arabia with their wives.

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  1. Must non Saudis with iqamas who work in Saudi but who live in Bahrain have both doses of a vaccine to enter Saudi Arabia or is a PCR test sufficient?

  2. Sir I m coming from kathmandu already 14 days qrontain how can book tha hotal in Saudi arbiya please update mee

    1. I have explained the whole procedure here. Please look at the article ” How to register yourself as vaccinated on the Muqeem platform”

  3. Asalamo alikum
    My question is I m from India and want to come back to Saudi via uzbekistan spending 15 days their
    After all this is institutional quarantine applied on me or not
    Also I took both doses of COVISHIELD vaccine but unfortunately this vaccine is not in list of approved vaccines by Saudi MOH
    But this vaccine is approved by WHO
    Please guide me so I can not face any problem their
    Thank you

    1. I think you will have to Quarantine yourself for few days in Saudia. And yes, your vaccine is not approved in Saudia