How to Update Your Iqama Date in NCB online Banking

How to Update Your Iqama Date in NCB online Banking

To keep your bank account active, any Saudi or foreigner must update their iqama data in the Bank Database after updating the iqama expiry. Moreover, you can receive a new date after renewal. The bank now provides a variety of options for updating your Iqama online. NCB Users can update their Iqama date using ncb online banking

The account owner does not need to physically visit the branch while using these techniques. Further, customers of Quickpay and Ahli bank can use the provided ways.

Just go to the Official Site & choose Join Now or Sign Up on the Online Banking Homepage to somehow get initiated. You, too, can sign up via the Google or Apple Store’s mobile app.

How to Update your Iqama date using NCB online Account

In Ahli Bank, How Do I Update My Iqama? (NCB) To change your iqama expiry date, you can use one of two online ways Ahli Bank provides.

1)      NCB Ahli’s internet portal 

2)      NCB Ahli App

3)      ATMs (card) are located throughout the KSA

1.      NCB Online Update of Iqama using Website

1.       All you have to do is create an NCB Al Ahli Online Account to use the service.

2.       After you’ve renewed your Iqama, Please log in to your Al Ahli account.

3.       Moreover, go to your profile’s options. Visit the “My Information” panel in the Profile settings.

4.       When you select update iqama expiry, old data may appear.

5.      Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with the Hijri system, you must first convert it before adding a new date. Confirm and update the new iqama date after entering it.

2.      Using an Online App

1)      By entering your login details, you can access your account. Enter the OTP. 

2)      After logging in successfully, touch on the menu buttons on the right corner. It’ll bring up the menu.

3)      Further, now press the settings button. See the first menu option ID Expiry Update.’ It should be tapped.

3.      Using an NCB ATM Card

It’s worth noting that NCB also allows you to amend the user’s account iqama expiry date by using the NCB ATM card.  You can just use internet banking instead of going to the branch if you will not have access to it. Follow the steps below to renew the Iqama using the NCB ATM machine.

1)      Insert your card into the AlAhli ATM & insert the PIN code. So, select “Main Menu.”

2)      Select “Next Menu” from the drop-down menu. Moreover, select “Electronic Services” 

3)      Further, select “Update ID expiration date of residents” from the drop-down menu. In Hijri format, enter the updated iqama expiry date. Additionally, Date>Month>Year should be formatted as 23041442.

4)      Choose the “Click Here to Modify” button later on. Finally, the iqama expiry date will be converted into the system, according to the NCB ATM machine.

Frequently asked Questions

1 – What is the procedure for registering for NCB online banking?

  • Visit AlAhliOnline or get the AlAhliMobile app from the app stores.
  • Further, from the homepage, select “Register.”
  • Accept the terms & conditions by entering your National/Iqama ID.
  • Additionally, use AlAhliToken or a one-time passcode sent via SMS to submit the security code.

2 – How do I make changes to my NCB Quickpay account?

  • Select “New User Registration” from the drop-down menu.
  • Insert the National ID/digits. Iqama’s
  • Moreover, choose one of the three alternatives (Credit Card or Phone Banking) and fill out the necessary info.
  • Further, type in your username and password.

3 – What is the easy way to check my Iqama online?

Following these easy steps will allow you to verify the Iqama status online:

  • Visit the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s official website.
  • If you are unable to read Arabic, change the language to English.
  • From the navigation tabs, go over to the “Passports” area.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Query Iqama Expiry Option.”

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