Update on Flights by Pakistani Ambassador

Update on Flights by Pakistani Ambassador

Lieutenant General (retd) Bilal Akbar, the Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia, met yesterday with Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Governor of Makkah. Pakistan’s ambassador conveyed good wishes to the Governor of Makkah from its leadership, government, and people. In addition to this, praised the Hajj arrangements this year in a healthy and safe environment.

The Governor of Makkah received and welcomed the Ambassador of Pakistan in his office. During the meeting, both countries emphasized their warm relations. The two of them expressed their desire to deepen their relationship over time.

Controlling Covid 19 in Pakistan:

Bilal Akbar discussed the government of Pakistan’s successful efforts to control the Corona epidemic. It was hoped that Saudi Arabian Airlines would resume flights to Pakistan shortly.

Makkah’s Governor has also been made aware of the latest developments about Corona in Pakistan and what steps are being taken on the government’s behalf. He also said that the government had handled the situation in Corona with the best strategies.

Resumption of Flights

While speaking to the Urdu News, the Ambassador of Pakistan gives an explanation relating to the Pakistani community. They also discuss the resumption of flights between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Fortunately, now that the schools and shopping malls are open, life is gradually returning to normal. As soon as possible, he requested that the Governor of Makkah permit Pakistanis who received the Saudi government-approved vaccination to enter the country.

In response to a question, he replied, “If the Saudi government allows vaccine holders to come in the first phase, PIA will arrange special flights.” Regarding this matter, the embassy is in contact with officials from the PIA and Pakistani aviation.

Talk about Pakistani Prisoners in Saudi Jails

Additionally, Pakistani prisoners in Saudi jails were also talked about during the meeting, according to him. The Pakistani ambassador stated that Governor Prince Khalid Faisal has assured the resumption of flights will be his primary responsibility.

As well as the release of prisoners, other issues involving the Pakistani community are also going to get a solution.

Pakistani Ambassador Meeting with Saudi Deputy Minister of Hajj

During his visit to Jeddah, he also met with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Hajj, Dr. Abdul Fattah Mushat. Bilal Akbar backed Saudi Arabia’s decision on the Hajj this year. He also said upon the end of the Hajj, the Umrah will resume, which will allow flights to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia to continue soon.

The ambassador also expressed his appreciation for adding Pakistan to the Route to Mecca program. In addition, he also put a request forward to extend this program to other major cities along with Islamabad.

Deputy Minister for Hajj Dr. Abdul Fattah Mushat welcomed the Ambassador of Pakistan in his office. He also appreciated Pakistan’s cooperation in organizing Hajj this year. In addition, he affirmed his commitment to cooperating on all topics discussed during the meeting.

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