Umrah Permits

Umrah Permit and Fines in case of Violations

On 27-03-2020, Saudi Arabia imposed a complete lockdown throughout the kingdom because of rising Covid 19 cases. However, later Saudi government launched some permits including Umrah Permits From its Tawakkalna Application to help its people.

Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) reminded the residents to not disobey COVID-19 preventive measures. If they do then they would have to pay huge fines (1000 SAR to 10000 SAR). Security can Detain them depending upon the matter’s cruciality.

Umrah Permit and other types of Permits

Here are the current running permit types:

(1)- Travel-permit: It allowed the KSA residents to move through one city in emergencies.

(2)- Movement permit: If a person other than the doctor, nurse, and delivery man needed to go out in the city, then she/he needed a movement permit to go out for one hour.

(3)- UMRAH permit: If a person wanted to perform UMRAH, then, first of all, he had to take a self-assessment test on the TAWAKKALNA app. If a pilgrim clears a test then he can perform Umrah in his Quarantine period.

(4)- Prayer Permit: This Permit is only for Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah

Types of Fines

There are generally two types of major fines

(1) Fine of 1000 Riyal for Violating Covid 19 SOPs

(2) Fine of 10000 Riyal for having an invalid permit for Umrah or Prayer

Fine of 1000 Riyal:

According to MOI and MOH, “If a person fails to obey protocols to stay safe from COVID-19, he will have serious issues

Every person should have to self-assess himself through the ministry-provided application. If a person found himself in critical condition, he should call the relative authorities and isolate himself.

Non-compliance with the social distance and preventive measures will going to offices will ultimately lead to a fine of 1000 SAR (267 USD).

In case of repetition, the penalty will be double (2000 SAR), and next time it will be triple (3000 SAR).

On the other side Ministry of Health also warned the citizens not to pay any complacency. If a person is found bargaining with the relative departmental officer, he will be detained for a decided period depending upon the matter’s cruciality.

Fine of 10000 Riyal for violating Umrah Permit or prayer permit:

Ministries are making all their efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. However it is becoming challenging to handle as the holy month of RAMADAN is approaching. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Ministry of HAJJ and UMRAH decided to put restrictions on certain places like Masjid-al-Haram, Masjid-al-Nabawi, Mita’s, Sa’ee, Marwa, and courtyard of Haram. People have to issue an electronic permit from the TAWAKKALNA application to visit these places. 

(1)- If a person is performing UMRAH and doesn’t have an UMRAH permit, or his permit date is not valid, he would be fined 10,000 SAR, or he might be detained for a short period of time. 

(2)- On the other hand, if the security guards found a person trying to entering the restricted places without a permit, then he will be fined 1000 SAR, and in case of further attempts, the amount of fine will be doubled, tripled, quadrupled on every attempt

The interior Ministry requested the residents and the pilgrims first to obtain the electronic permit from the TAWAKKALNA application and then leave their residence for prayer or UMRAH. There would be security personals at all possible highways, check posts, and routes to the Haram Shareef. If these security personals find any violator, then he would be charged with the announced fines.

Is there any Concession in Fines?

Regarding the fines, the Ministry of Interior reminds the civilians that there would be no concessions if anybody founded violating the COVID-19 sops and entering the restricted places without a valid permit.

All the Saudi security agencies will be helping KSA get control of the spread of COVID-19 during the Holy month of RAMADAN when the number of pilgrims and worshippers will be large enough to destroy all the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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