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Travel Permits for Vaccinated Citizens as Saudia to open Flights on May 17

On January 2, 2021, Saudi Arabia announced that all the borders would reopen on January 3, 2021 (Sunday). Airlines will be able to take passengers to and from Saudi Arabia under the strict guidelines while taking care of the COVID-19 preventive measurements. However due to the excessive spread of the global pandemic Ministry of Health and the Ministry of interior decided to extend the date to May 17, 2021. Now it is opening up and travel permits will be given with few conditions

Travel Permits only for Vaccinated Citizens

The Saudi Interior Ministry has said that from (17-05-2021) Monday, all Saudi Arabia’s airports, seaports, and border checkpoints will be reopened for the public. Implementation will take place on 17-05-2021 between 1 pm on Sunday and Monday. Saudi Arabia has already issued new Travel Guidelines for 2021

Who can get Travel Permits

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the Interior Ministry has said that the ban on Saudi citizens traveling abroad will lift from May 17, and the following citizens will be able to travel from the country:

 (1)- People who have received two doses of the vaccine at least two weeks before the trip

 (2)- People who have received one dose of vaccine at least two weeks before the trip

(3)- People who have recovered from Corona in the last six months 

(4)- Children under 18 years of age.

“A report by the Saudi health authorities approving the lifting of the travel ban on citizens from May 17, 2021, details the categories that will benefit from the lifting of the ban are Saudi nationals who have received both doses of the Code 19 vaccine.

Similarly, citizens who have received a single dose of the vaccine and have passed 14 days on the first dose and this record is appearing on the TAWAKKALNA app.

SOPs of Traveling

Ministry of Health announced the following preventive measures which are willing to travel:

(1)- House isolation must be observed for seven days upon return to Saudi Arabia. 

(2)- In addition, a PCR test report must be submitted at the end of the isolation – children under the age of 8 will be exempt from the PCR test.

(3)- The facility will also allow Saudi nationals who have recovered from the coronavirus to travel. 

(4)- Eighteen-year-olds will be subject to conditional travel. Before the trip, you must obtain health insurance approved by the Saudi Central Bank, including treatment for COVID-19 abroad. When they return to Saudi Arabia, they will have to stay in house isolation for seven days. 8-year-olds will be exempt from the PCR test when the isolation period is over.

Few instructions by MOI

The Interior Ministry official directed all people to adhere to Corona SOPs and epidemic prevention measures strictly. Don’t be careless in enforcing health regulations. Adhere to social distance. Wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

The Home Ministry official said that the concerned agencies would continue reviewing and reviewing travel SOPs related to Corona. The Interior Ministry urged passengers to be mindful of restrictions imposed by other countries to not get into trouble.

Take all necessary precautions when traveling to the worst affected countries.

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