Travel Ban in Saudia

Travel Ban in Saudia to be lifted on 17 May 2021

Saudi Transport Minister Saleh Jassir chaired a Saudi Arabian Airlines’ board of directors to discuss preparations for a possible move to lift the travel ban in Saudia from next month. He says that other issues were also discussed in the meeting and the restoration of air service, including suggestions for further improvement in the airline’s services.

The Transport Minister appreciated the agency’s initiative to comply with the prescribed SOPs regarding the Corona epidemic and expressed his satisfaction. He also appreciated the airline’s performance in taking care of the passengers of the airline in every possible way while following the Corona SOPs during domestic flights.

On May 17, the Ministry of Interior had indicated that all air, land, and sea routes to Saudi Arabia would be opened. In this regard, Saudi Arabian Airlines has started preparations to start the service next month.

Flight Resumption doesn’t include countries facing travel ban

However, with the news regarding ban being lifted, Saudi Arabian Airlines has revealed that the decision to resume international flights from May 17 does not apply to 20 countries. In addition to other Covid 19 measures, They imposed a travel ban on these countries in early February.

Official sources said in a statement on their Twitter account in response to a question on their citizen account whether the travel suspension would be lifted for all countries, including those banned.

The statement said: “Our guest, welcome, the suspension of all international flights will begin at 1 am on Monday, May 17. But it will not apply to countries where the relevant government committee has suspended the flight. The national carrier said it was due to an outbreak of the coronavirus.

The countries which will face the international ban from Saudi Arabia even after the resumption of flights after May 17 are the following:

(1)- United Arab Emirates

(2)- United States

(3)- United Kingdom

(4)- Germany

(5)- Argentina

(6)- Indonesia

(7)- India 

(8)- Pakistan

(9)- Japan

(10)- Ireland

(11)- Brazil

(12)- Portugal

(13)- Turkey

(14)- France

(15)- Lebanon

(16)- Egypt

(17)- Sweden

(18)- South Africa

(19)- Swiss Confederation

(20)- Italy

Recent Tweets by Saudi Airline

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) has clarified lifting travel bans concerning two viral tweets on social media. Following Saudi Arabia’s tweet, hundreds of Saudis and foreigners ask for permission to travel without restrictions.

Moreover, According to Al Arabiya Net, Saudia tweeted, “Have you made a suitcase?” and then sub tweeted “Share Your Next Destination.” These two tweets signaled to Saudi Arabia that travel bans were coming to an end.

Bahrain expecting 75000 Saudi Visitors daily

Moreover, After the tweet of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has intensified its preparations to receive 75,000 Saudis daily. However, According to Bahraini media reports, the Bahraini Department of Tourism and Entertainment has begun preparations to receive Saudi nationals.

Moreover, Bahraini officials expect 75,000 people to cross the King Fahd Bridge to Bahrain every day. For example, In 2019, 11 million tourists arrived in Bahrain, of which 9 million were Saudi’s.

Efforts in making end to travel ban in Saudia

The Civil Aviation Department had modified the overseas travel history of Saudi nationals. Earlier, Saudi Arabia said it had signed a cooperation agreement with the IATA to test the IATA Travel Pass electronic passenger document.

However, The deal is aimed at securing international travel. IATA Travel has an intelligent app, and it will be available on mobile. Thanks to this, travelers will be able to get digital passes. Moreover, It will be able to download the coronavirus vaccine and the required information.

IATA Travel Pass will meet government health requirements at all airports. However, Saudi Arabia is one of the few airlines in the world to have signed an agreement with IATA to make the IATA Travel Pass program a success. Thanks to this, travelers will be able to travel without any difficulty.

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