Tourists Are Allowed To Enter Saudi Arabia From Sunday On Full Vaccination

Tourists Are Allowed To Enter Saudi Arabia From Sunday On Full Vaccination

Saudi Arabia’s tourism ministry has announced that travelers who have received both doses of the vaccine will be allowed to enter the kingdom without quarantine.¬†However, all they need is their vaccination certificate.

Who Can Travel To Saudi Arabia?

According to Arab News, tourists from different countries who meet the criteria will enter Saudi Arabia from August 1.

In a statement, the Ministry of Tourism said that fully vaccinated people would be those who have received both doses of the state-approved vaccines. Including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.

It is also essential for travelers to Saudi Arabia to enter their vaccine dosage information. They need to enter it into a new electronic portal designed for this purpose.

Also, their data will record on the ‘Tawakalna’ application, and they will have to show it to relevant officers for entry to other places in the country.

Tourism Minister Welcome To All Tourists Coming To Ksa

In this regard, Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib said, “We welcome tourists again. After the disruption caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.”

“We tried to partner with our associates in all fields to ensure that tourists coming to Saudi enjoy the tourist”. “Enjoy and see the culture and hospitality of Saudi society.”

Saudi Arabia was issuing online tourist visas to citizens of 49 countries. It was to promote tourism in the country while providing an on-arrival visa facility for holders of joint visas. Joint visa holders of European countries and holders of US and UK visas are part of this.

NOTE: However, the online visa facility does not include some African countries and also does not include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

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