Top 10 Best International and IGCSE schools in Jeddah

Top 9 Best International and IGCSE Schools in Jeddah

Here is the list of the best international and IGCSE schools in Jeddah that follow an American or British curriculum. Before proceeding, you should really be aware of the factors to examine while choosing a school for the kids. It is hard to research on Schools therefore to save your time, here are The best International and IGCSE Schools in Jeddah:

1.      American International School

The American International School is a private American school Jeddah. Moreover, the School of Jeddah, which adopts the American curriculum, is among the most outstanding international schools in Jeddah. Also, It is the best school in Jeddah, with preparatory institutions with international expertise emphasising academic success.

2.      Jeddah International School

Jeddah International School is a private IGCSE schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Also, the School Deputy Director is in charge of the school, having power granted by the Founder & Director and Principals, Section Heads, & Coordinators. Thus, Jeddah International School is one of Jeddah’s top schools.

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3.      The International City School

The City School International, founded in 1978, has experienced fantastic survival and prosperity because of its exacting standards & educational leadership. Without a doubt, it deserves a place among Jeddah’s most excellent foreign schools.

Location: Villa #36, Al Shajwa-Aneef Street #4, Rehaab District #6, Behind City Plaza/ Jarir Mall, Tahila Street (last signal). Jeddah.

4.      International Indian School

International Indian School is a school that teaches Indian culture to minorities. Over 9000 pupils are served by the institution at this time. Moreover, it is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi & sets the foundation for the Senior School Certificate Examination and the All India Secondary School Examination (X standard) (XII standard).

  • Tel: 6712097, 6751536
  • Fax: 6751539
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: Al Azizeyyah, Near Saudi Gazette

5.      Philippine International School

Foreign Philippine School is deserving of a place among Jeddah’s most excellent international schools.

  • Location: Mushrefah, Jeddah, Gharnata & Prince Majid Road Intersection Tel: 6716458, 6716445

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6.      School for Italians

  • Tel: 6061903, 6064335
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: North Corniche Road, opp Resthouse El Corniche

7.      Coral International School

It is a private international school located in Miami. In fact, it is a well-established institution dedicated solely to the learning and academic growth of children from the Jeddah expatriate population. Moreover, it provides youngsters from other countries with an American curriculum with just an international viewpoint.

  • Tel: 02 683 2002
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: Al Rawda District
  • is the website for the school.

8.      My Little House and the House of Knowledge School

Boys and girls can attend schools from kindergarten to post-secondary education. A CIE (British) programmed American diploma is available, as well as the KSA National track.

  • Tel: 6659743-6602212-6652609-6652490
  • Location: Alandalus District Maghrabi street Tahlia and hail street crossroads, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

9.      Jeddah’s British International School

The British International School of Jeddah was founded in 1977 and is currently ranked first among Jeddah’s best international schools. Moreover, The British school Jeddah provides expatriates and the local people in Jeddah with a rising global education. Also, the Council of International Schools of New England has accredited the British International School of Jeddah.

  • Location: 4 kilometres north of Tareeqh Square, west of Prince Sultan Street, Mohammedia District, Jeddah
  • Tel: +966 (2) 699-0019
  • Website:

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Frequently asked Questions

1What is the distinction between both the IGCSE and the CBSE?

The CBSE places a greater emphasis on theoretical topics. Also, In comparison to IGCSE, where in-depth study & application in daily life are promoted, such concepts are not necessary in-depth. Moreover, the CBSE syllabus is acceptable throughout the United States. Whereas the IGCSE syllabus is legitimate and recognized throughout the world.

2 – Why do IGCSE exams in private schools?

Pearson and Cambridge International created them to cater to the enormous global market for British qualifications. Furthermore, after 2005, they were accepted by independent schools in the UK. In fact, it is because they’re a better prep for A-level than GCSE, with more difficult syllabuses & fewer coursework.

3 – In Saudi Arabia, how many international schools are there?

The Council of International Schools accredits eight schools, whereas the Council of British International Schools maintains two members. Also, the International Baccalaureate Diploma is offered by 18 IB World Schools, 12 about which provide the Diploma Program.

4 – What are the advantages of IGCSE?

IGCSE encourages students to learn via investigation and real-world connections, with inquiry at the center. Also, The course enables students to look into various topics and come up with questions & analyses that would aid in identifying the environment.

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