Top 5 Best Softwares to Learn Arabic Typing

Top 5 Best Softwares to Learn Arabic Typing

Writing in Arabic is now one of the important needs nowadays, specifically where everyone tries to convey different messages in the Arabic language. Moreover, this is one of the biggest and well-reputed languages for all Islamic countries. So, in this article, we will mention some Best Softwares to Learn Arabic Typing that is well known worldwide.

Best Softwares to Learn Arabic Typing

Here is the list of the Best Softwares to Learn Arabic Typing.


Lipikaar is one of the best software which is specifically designed for Arabic typing to learn for newbies. It is available on PC and all windows. It is very attractive and has a smooth interface. Moreover, You can implement 2 minutes typing tests in English typing and learn based on your performance. Furthermore, you can use this software in some other languages as well.

Arabic Keyboard

It is important software which you can use for both on PC and android. Specifically, it is made for windows ten. It has some fantastic features, including fast time response, sending emails and SMS directly, showing all types of other characters, and performing fast typing tests regularly.

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Easy Arabic Typing

Another well-reputed and professional typing software are Easy Arabic Typing which can write words in the Microsoft office. Hence, you don’t need to download any other special software or office to prepare your documents.

UWP Arabic Keyboard:

The best thing about this software is You can use it on your PC easily. It helps to type Arabic words quickly and smoothly. The designers of this software also designed an android app to learn Arabic typing. This app is available to install on all of your android devices.

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The Built-In Windows 10 Tools:

Windows 10 tool is already available for each PC and computer. Now, those using windows ten now don’t need to worry about installing a specific software to learn the Arabic language.

Final Thoughts:

These are some top-ranking software that is well known worldwide and has good typing speed. Moreover, they work very smoothly without errors and grammar mistakes.

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