The second Dose is mandatory for traveling Abroad (For Saudi Nationals)

The second Dose is mandatory For Saudi travelers from August 2021

The Saudi Interior Ministry has said that Saudi citizens will have to take both doses of the vaccine before traveling. This policy will be effective from August 2021. Therefore, the second Dose is mandatory for Saudi Nationals.

Moreover, According to the state-run news agency SPA, an Interior Ministry official said in a statement that the Ministry of Health had recommended that any Saudi citizen should take into account the new wave of epidemics around the world and the emergence of the virus in new forms and forms.

Government is not going to allow them to leave the country unless they receive a second dose of the vaccine

This condition is in place after the recommendation of the Ministry of Health. According to this, from Muharram 9, government is not going to allow any citizen to travel abroad without taking a second dose of the vaccine. A second dose is mandatory.

Why Second Dose is mandatory?

A single dose is proving insufficient to deal with the new virus, the statement said. The Ministry of Health says credible research has shown that both doses of the vaccine effectively protect against the latest variation of the COVID-19 virus.


According to the statement, children under the age of 12 are exempt from the ban, provided they present a medical insurance policy approved by the Saudi Central Bank before traveling, which covers risks from Corona.

Citizens who have recovered from the coronavirus and have been infected for six months will be allowed to travel. No ban for them.

People infected with the virus who take a dose will also be able to travel.

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