The new Academic year is about to start in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The New Academic Year is about to start in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Education has drawn up a plan for schooling for the New Academic year. This includes five classes in two weeks while continuing online education.

5 Classes in 2 Weeks

Sabq News quoted Al-Arabiya as saying that the Ministry of Education has formulated a plan for the new academic year. All educational institutions will have five classes in two weeks. However, there will be exceptions.

Rules and Regulations

The Ministry’s strategy for ensuring the principle of social distance in educational institutions to protect them from corona falls into four categories.

Rules have also been laid down for laboratories and mosques (places of prayer) in educational institutions so that no more than the prescribed number of students will gather there at a time.

Also, the Ministry says that students will conduct online education through the ‘Madrasi’ platform and traditional educational activities.

Students ae divided into 4 Categories

There are Four categories for students. According to these four categories, 15 or fewer students are going to be part of the ‘local category,’ which provides nursery and elementary class students.

The number of students in the secondary and higher secondary categories will be 20 or less while the number of students in the middle class fixed at 16 to 30. 

A number of students in the high category will be 31 to 45, while the number of students in the second high category will be 41 to 60.

The number of students in the Supreme High category will be more than 61.

Moreover, the Ministry of Saudi Arabia almost vaccinated more than five million students under 12 to 18.

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