A Professional Work Permit Is Required For The Workers In The Gold Market

The Saudi Minister of Manpower and Social Welfare has made professional work permits mandatory for those working in the gold market. Without it, they will not allow work.

State-run news agency SPA, the Minister for Manpower and Social Welfare has banned the use of professional work permits. They banned workers in gold and jewelry business centers.

What Are The Conditions Issued By The Minister Of Manpower for Work Permit?

 Also, he issued conditions for the issuance of professional work permits for the gold market.

  • The person working in the Gold Market must be a Saudi citizen
  • According to the rules in the form available on the website, the candidate must have the professional ability.
  • Candidate’s security record should be clear while the work permit period will one year and may get extended.

Ban on professional work permits aims to improve the employment environment in the gold market enhances employees’ capacity in this sector.”

Note: The Ministry has given six months to implement the ban.

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