An Expat Guide To The Best Festivals In KSA

An Expat Guide To The Best Festivals In KSA

From camel races to traditional civics and from poetry readings to flower shows, we check out some of The Best Festivals In KSA to help you immerse yourself in the kingdom’s culture.

If you have recently moved to Saudi Arabia, you will want to know about the cultural offerings of your new home. What better way than to celebrate one of these beautiful festivals?

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Janadriya National Festival (مهرجان الجنادرية الوطني)

Also known as Al-Janadriyah, it is one of the best festivals in Saudi Arabia to celebrate the kingdom’s local culture and heritage. Held in Janadriyah (just outside Riyadh), the festival lasts for two weeks and offers a glimpse into all aspects of Arab life. From local craft markets to folk dances, everyone has something to impress and entertain.

Guests of all ages can enjoy camel and horse races and enjoy delicious local food all the time. Each year, Saudi Arabia invites one country from around the world to be its special guest. Germany, France, and Indonesia have had this privilege in recent years, at which point you can visit your home country.

Eid Al-Fitr And Eid-Aladha: (عيد الفطر وعيد الأضحى)


Like other Muslim nations globally, Saudi Arabia’s biggest celebrations take place at the end of Ramadan. The month of fasting in Saudi Arabia has come to an end with the three-day Eid al-Fitr. The occasion begins with a simple breakfast and prayers in the mosque. After that, the festivities intensify as locals host large feasts and celebrations with friends and family.

In general, Eid al-Fitr is a family-centric occasion, but that doesn’t mean foreigners can’t attend. Most towns and cities celebrated for the whole community. In addition, Riyadh and Jeddah display spectacular fireworks that are free to the public.


Eid al-Adha is one of the two festivals celebrated by Muslims around the world. It is the willingness of Abraham (Abraham) to sacrifice his son in obedience to God’s command. On this occasion, Muslims sacrifice sheep, goats, cows, or camels and distribute the meat in three ways.

  • One-third goes to the person (and his family) who is making the sacrifice.
  • One-third, as a gift to relatives or neighbours.
  • One Third, as a charity to the poor.

Note: No part of the animal can get sold as payment.

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Riyadh Spring Festival: (مهرجان الربيع في الرياض)

The winters in Saudi Arabia may not be as severe as you used to, but that doesn’t stop locals from celebrating spring. Every year, Riyadh wakes up with a fire of colourful outdoor activities.

With various agricultural displays, the focus of the stars is the display of flowers. Yes, that’s right, this corner of the Middle East feels more like the Netherlands than Saudi Arabia during the Riyadh Spring Festival. There are extensive one million flower carpets that make perfect Instagram shots in charming patterns. Get ready to blow up the show.

Unification Of National Day. (توحيد اليوم الوطني)

National Day in Saudia Arabia, SEPTEMBER 23, known as “Al-Youm-Al-WATANY”, is a public holiday that means that all the government and private sector will have a holiday. However, If Saudi National Day falls on a Saturday, Sunday will be a public holiday in return. If Saudi National Day falls on Friday, then there will be a holiday before that, and If these changes coincide with other holidays, an additional day of compensation will not be granted.

On this day, the beginning of modern Saudi Arabia in 1932 get commemorated. People remember the great stories and values ​​that formed the early nation-state. They remember them, share them and respect their sacrifices on NATIONAL DAY.

In this memory, it is an opportunity for citizens to renew their loyalty to their beloved homeland and reaffirm their dedication to the King of Saudi Arabia.

On this day, Saudis consider their role and responsibilities in integrating the system into the modern Saudi state. People reflect on such values, thanking their country and its leaders for putting the interests of every Saudi citizen at the centre of all development and development projects for decades.

Saudi National Day is a way to encourage a significant national effort for the nation’s continued future development. (Vision 2030) Saudis working in public, private, or non-profit organizations are called upon to work tirelessly to meet the expectations and responsibilities of their society and the Saudi family.

Saudi National Day celebrations take many forms and are growing in number year by year. On this day, citizens like to take to the streets in large numbers, in public areas, parks, malls, shopping centres, beach fronts, tourists, and outdoor fields. Many events organize for their entertainment. These include:

  • Public festivals and entertainment programs for children
  • Cultural and cultural monuments.
  • Historical photography and art exhibitions
  • Exhibitions of Movies and educational projects in the country.
  • At this event, they display nighttime lasers and fireworks.
  • Plane displays and acrobatic.
  • Theatre plays.
  • Heritage tours.
  • Late-night Shopping and Discounts.
  • School exhibitions and activities

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Souq Okaz (سوق عكاظ)

If you’re looking for something a little different, a visit to Souk Okaz is just a ticket. In ancient times, Souq Okaz was one of the largest pre-Islamic markets. It attracted merchants from all over the Middle East. The Saudi government held the annual Civic Renovation at its historical site to promote local culture and heritage. It has now established itself as one of the best festivals in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to traditional arts and crafts stalls, Civic also hosts Arabic cultural events. Twelve coveted awards have been won, covering various categories, including photography, poetry, and theatre.

Jeddah Summer Festival: (مهرجان جدة الصيفي)

Held in Jeddah, this month’s long summer has become one of Saudi Arabia’s best festivals for teachers’ fast expats. The event sees the whole city come alive with a wide array of events. From sports events to reading poetry, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of the festival’s highlights is the Jeddah World Festival, a one-night music concert that draws large crowds. The 2019 edition was a massive hit with an influential audience of 50% and Liam Payne. So, if you want to celebrate the traditional and the modern, you will find it at the Jeddah Summer Festival.

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Al-Alla Winter Celebration Festival (مهرجان العلا الشتوي)

 The Al-Ala festival celebrations are divided into four parts. (1)-Winter Tantura Season, (2)- Alla Arts, (3)- Alla Skies, (4)- Alla Festival

Winter celebrations in Al-Ala begin in December, and these various events continue up to the end of March of next year

At this festival, artists will showcase their talents. Most of the musical programs will be in the halls of the beautiful glass Maraya Center and concerts at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Outdoor Cinema shows the beauty of the oasis and other scenes of Ala. Saudi filmmakers also participate in their projects through these programs. Visitors increase their knowledge of these places and areas through archeological and cultural workshops. Another program, called Alla Skies, also provides an opportunity to the tourists to fly over a rock in a hot air balloon and take an aerial tour of the oasis by an ancient plane.

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NOTE: Almost 70% of these festivals occur in the 16 countries which are mentioned below

1– Najd                              2– Riyadh      
3– Dammam               4-Region of Ad Dirivah     
5– Al Jouf                     6– AlUla                    
7– Tabuk                      8– Khobar                
9– Jeddah                    10– King Abdullah Economic City   
11– Umluj                    12– Asir      
13– Al-Ahsa                 14– Jazan
15– Al Baha                 16– Yanbu  
17– Plateau of Taif  

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