Tawakkalna Application Latest Features

Ministry Of Health: Tawakkalna Application Latest Features

Tawakkalna Application is adding new features to it. Here is a detailed overview of what’s coming.

Tickets For Entertainment available on Tawakkalna

In Saudi Arabia, the Department of Entertainment and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) have agreed to link tickets to entertainment programs to the Tawakkalna Application Latest Features.

  • Also, According to Al Arabiya Net, no one is going to enter the entertainment program without showing health updates on the Tawakalna app.
  • However, According to the agreement, the entertainment department will connect the ticketing centers with the Tawaklana app.┬áThe ticket holder’s entry will be on the TAWAKKALNA app.
  • Entertainment ticket sellers are going to find out from the TAWAKKALNA app whether the ticket buyer is able to attend the entertainment program or not.

Remember that the Tawakalna app is experimenting with making digital transformation part of society to meet Saudi Vision 2030. Turki Al-Sheikh said that the agreement would enable the spectators to enjoy various entertainment programs in a safe environment.

Referring to the agreement with the Entertainment Department, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, Chairman of the Saudi Data, said that Sadaya had taken another important step towards cooperation with public and private institutions.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, has directed “SADAIA” to continue full cooperation with all government and private institutions.

School Principles, Staff, And Students Can Now See The Trust Status Of A Person Through Tawakkalna:

The TAWAKKALNA app administration has said that school principals have been given new powers regarding the coronavirus.

According to Al Arabiya,”These services will enable school principals to obtain information about the teaching staff and other employees. School principals will be told through the app which staff members have recovered from the virus.”

“In addition, school students, teachers, and other employees will have the option to receive information about the corona vaccine.”

this development comes when the Saudi Ministry of Education has decided to vaccinate students and teaching staff.

Under the program, 5 million students over the age of 12 studying in schools across the country are going to get vaccines. Moreover, You can download Tawakkalna Application Latest Features from Google Play Store.

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