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Tawakkalna Application – A new home for Digital Iqama

Covid 19 has forced Saudia Arabia to shift to Digital Era. They have introduced multiple apps to assist Governmental work. Tawakkalna Application, Eatmarna, Absher Individual, and Sehhah are some of these apps. They even introduced a digital version of Iqama known as Electronic ID

Digital Iqama Service:

Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of Saudi Arabia can show their Digital ID via a saved QR code.

This QR Code can be read by the devices like smartphones or other barcode enabled devices, or forward vision Digital ID, which can be used for the “ABSHER” and “JAWAZAT” different services.” We have listed all the possible benefits of Digital ID in this post

Digital ID in Absher Individuals Application:

Last year, Saudi Arabia introduced a service “Electronic ID” in an application named “ABSHER INDIVIDUALS.” It is Kind of a Digital Iqama instead of your physical Iqama card. Here is how you can Activate Digital Iqama in Absher Individual Application

However, Through Digital ID, Saudi Arabia residents will show their electronic IDs to relevant authorities if they are not carrying the hard plastic copy of their ID with them. Moreover, This application comes with a proverb of “Your Identity with Your Mobile.”

It’s the exertion of both, Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia and Civil Affairs alongside the teamwork of many other relevant authorities, including the SADAI (Saudi Authority of Data and Artificial Intelligence) and NIC (National Information Center).

Introduction of Tawakkalna Application:

“Tawakkalna” Application is introduced to get an electronic permit to hold out the native business, emergencies, health problems in the period of curfew. It was initially used for permit purposes but now it has integrated many more services into it. Digital ID Service is the latest one.

Digital Iqama Linked to Tawakkalna Application:

Early this month, there were two new changes recorded in the Twakkalna application when it was updated. The latest version has the following updates:

  • If you open the “TWAKKALNA” application under 24 hours of opening it with the internet, you can access it without internet for 24 hours till first opening.
  • You can access your IQAMA and Driving license in the TWAKKALNA application.

How to Access Digital Iqama on Tawakkalna Application

If you want to access your IQAMA and driving license through the TWAKKALNA application, you should have to do the following steps.

Registaration on Tawakkalna Application:

  • After installing the App, open the application and select your preferred language to continue.
  • Now, you will have to tell your residency out of three types.
    • Resident of Saudia
    • (Gulf Cooperation Council) GCC resident
    • International tourist or Pilgrim.
  • After selecting your residency, you have to put your IQAMA number/ Passport ID/GCC number to start the registration process.
  • Lastly, After selecting this, you will see a forum on the App. Now fill in your personal information on the given forum on the App carefully

Verify your Identity:

  • Firstly, Enter the verification code that you will get on the given number/”Absher” registered phone number if you are now a KSA resident. You can Also verify your Fellow expat using your Absher account
  • Secondly, On the homepage, you will see a bunch of buttons at the bottom. Now, click on the digital identification button to see your iqama.

Activating Digital ID:

  • Once you clicked on the digital identification, your IQAMA will be activated for the next 24 hours, and you will be able to see it for the next 24 hours without even having internet.
  • At the bottom of digital IQAMA, there is an option of driving license. Now click on it, and your driving license will also be displayed.

You can use this service in case if you are not carrying your IQAMA or driving license.

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