An Introduction to Tawakkalna App and its Working

“Tawakkalna app” is an application which is introduced to get an electronic permit to hold out the native business, emergencies, health problems in the period of curfew held by the Saudi Government to control the spread of COVID-19. Covid 19 has damaged every country on a large scale and Saudi Arabia was also not an exception.

However this app has helped Saudi government to tackle this virus effeciently.

Launching of the Tawakkalna App

On May. 04, 2020, “Tawakkalna app” is published on the play store and app store by SDAIA (Saudi Data and Al Authority) 

It was done under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and some other government Sectors. Almost every sector played its part in containing this virus, however, Most of these sectors were on the front-line against COVID-19 including Saudi Arabia’s National Information Centre.

Purpose of Tawakkalna App

Recently, The purpose of this application is to provide the latest news and medical alerts authenticated by the Ministry of Health about the chronic virus.

Although this is a new application, still this application consists of a bundle of permits and features which doesn’t only allow the residence of KSA to move around the city for local affairs but also encourage the residence of KSA or international tourists to share any symptoms of COVID-19 in them or other people near-by on this application.

Linked with Abshar

This application is also linked to the “ABSHER,” an online platform to ensure that person is the residence of KSA or currently in the KSA residence (either visiting the country or having the nationality).

If an expat in Saudia wants to perform UMRAH, then, first of all, he/she have to register themselves on “Absher.”

However, make sure Iqama is still valid because it is not possible to create an account or use the Tawakkalna app with an expired Iqama.

Iqama expiration can be checked online using the Iqama Expiry check method.

After that, they will register their “Tawakkalna” application through the phone number written on the “Absher.”

How to register on Tawakkalna App

Suppose the KSA resident wants to register the application.

In that case, they have to get their phone numbers written on the “ABSHER” after doing the rest of the steps.

Get registered on Absher: “ABSHER.”

  • First of all, download the application from the apple store or play store. 
    • However, if you are on the desktop, then we have the Link to both stores in Complete Umrah Guide 2021
  • After installing the App, open the application, and select your preferred language to continue.
  • Now, you will have to tell your residency out of three types.
    • KSA resident.
    • GCC resident
    • International tourist or Pilgrim.
  • After selecting your residency, you have to put your IQAMA number/ Passport ID/GCC number to start the registration process. 
  • After selecting your citizen/residence type, you will see a forum on the App. Now fill your personal information on the given forum on the App carefully
  • After filling the form, you must have to accept the terms and condition 
  • You will receive a verification code on your given number/”Absher” registered phone number. If you are a KSA resident, put the code in the verification tab to continue your signup.
  • Now, choose a password and allow the map App to access your location.
  • Finally, After accessing the map to your location, you will be asked to fill a COVID-19 health survey 
    • If you are a resident of KSA, you will see all the dependent workers in your family under your registered “Absher”.
    • Tourist have to fill out the survey.

Tawakkalna app and its services

“Tawakkalna app” plays an essential role in the control of the spread of chronic disease COVID-19.

This App will allow you different “permits” to visit other places, getting medical assistance and self-disclosure services.

Here are some of these services

1– Issue-e-permits:

 It allows the e-permits to people like doctors, nurses, delivery men, some government and private sector people to do their services in the curfew for KSA people’s ease. However, misusing is consider as a sin.

2– Travel-permits:

                                Travel-permit allows the resident of KSA to move through one city in some emergency.

3– Medical news:

                               Moreover, This application will provide authenticated information about the cases of COVID-19 in different areas of cities of KSA by the Ministry of Health, and it will also offer different ways to prevent COVID-19.

However, it will not tell whether you have Covid 19 or not. For that, you will have to go through a test

4– Movement-permits:

                               If a person other than the doctor, nurse, delivery man, etc., needs to go out in the city, then she/he will need a movement-permit to go out for one hour.

5– Self-disclosure:

                              In the case of COVID-19 symptoms, people can share their condition on the application and isolate themselves till the ambulance arrive.

6– UMRAH-permit:

                             This application will show an individual’s medical status by color grade and help them get the UMRAH-permit as soon as possible.

To conclude, This is quite a useful app and it is helping the Saudi Government to overcome the spread of this deadly Covid 19.

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  1. I foget my password on my tawakkalna. I pressed forget password but it always appears incorrect details but I check that’s all are OK, also I tried on verify mobile number but only shows people who follow on tweeters, pls help me to fix it on my mobile numbers verify, thank you