Tawakkalna Application and its Working in 2024

Tawakkalna Application [What’s new in 2024 Version]

As of October 2023, January 2022, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has made significant changes to the Tawakkalna app ecosystem. Understanding the evolving needs of users and the dynamic technological landscape, SDAIA has transitioned many of the services from the Tawakkalna app to a new application, aptly named “Tawakkalna Services.” This move is aimed at streamlining services and offering a more specialized user experience. 

Here’s a detailed look at the key changes and features that are left in original Tawakkalna Application

Sections of Tawakkalna App

There are 5 Sections of Tawakkalna Application. 

  • Home
  • Services
  • Digital Documents
  • Dashboard
  • Profile Info and App Setting

Let’s Discuss each section one by one 

Home Page of Tawakkalna App

Home page of the app has the same options as before.There are currently 3 Info blocks on the Home page 

  • ID Holder: This block contains your ID and picture. You can Hide your picture or Blur it from settings if you want
  • Vaccine Status: This Block contains Your Covid 19 Vaccine Status. There are a total 11 types of it and it will show your current status which in most cases is “Immune” since almost everyone here in Saudi Arabia has taken Covid Vaccine.
  • Last Block is a link to a new app called “ Tawakkalna Services” 

What your Status color in Tawakkalna means

There are a total of 6 Colors Codes and 11 Status associated with these colors. Here are the meaning of each color and Status which is associated with them

  • Dark Green Background – Immune
    • This Color means you have completed the Vaccine Course.
  • Gradient Green Background – Exempted | No Record of Infection | Insured Visitor
    • You are either exempted from Vaccine due to some medical condition. It also indicates the user may be less than 12 years old or User may be a visitor and has an active medical insurance.
  • White Background – Medically Uninsured Visitor | Incomplete Vaccination | Nonimmune
    • This Status color may indicate that the user is a Visitor from abroad and his insurance is not valid. This may also indicate that the user has received a portion of the vaccine. Lastly, it may also indicates that user is older than 12 and has no record of infection and has not received Covid 19 Vaccine
  • Orange – Exposed
    • The User has been exposed to a Covid 19 infected person and needs to self Quarantine for 7 days.
  • Brown – Infected
    • User is Infected from Covid 19
  • Grey – Not Defined | Unidentified
    • The user has NO Record at the Ministry of Health or maybe the user has NO Internet Connection.

Services Page

There are many services available on this page. However with the introduction of Tawakkalna Services, many services are now moved to services app. Services are categorized in a few sections. Here are the name of each section and services that they hold into them

  • Public Services – Tawakkalna Passcode
  • Permit Services – Personal Permits | Health Status Verification | QR Code Scanner | Request an Auto Health status verification permit
  • Health Services – Caution Mode | Ask for Help | Covid 19 Vaccine 
  • Travel Services – Health Passport
  • Family Member Services – Checking Up with Dependents | Family and Sponsored Members
  • Violation Services – Report for Violation | My Violations

Digital Documents and Dashboard

As of 24 November, 2023, Both of these Sections are moved to Tawakkalna Services

Profile Info and App Settings

My profile section in Tawakkalna app has personal settings and several other settings which are useful for the application. Here are the detailed operation of each setting 

  • Language Setting
    • By Using this option, you can change Application Language.There are a total 7 Languages available. It includes English, Arabic, Bangla, Hindi, Indonesian, Filipino and Urdu.
  • Update Phone Number
    • This option is now moved to Absher. You can only update your Phone number from Absher. 
  • Update Password
    • You can update your password using this Option. There are several rules that you must follow for a new Password.
  • Update Home Address
    • You can easily update your Home address using this option. This Is not the National Address. You can update your national address from their own platform.
  • Validate Through Biometrics
    • Use this option if you want to login to the app without using your password. 

App Info

This section has information regarding the app and its working. There is the following information available in this section.

  • Partners
  • FAQs
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact

Tawakkalna app is revamped completely and there is nothing much left in it beside Vaccine status, QR Scanner and Personal Permits

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  1. I foget my password on my tawakkalna. I pressed forget password but it always appears incorrect details but I check that’s all are OK, also I tried on verify mobile number but only shows people who follow on tweeters, pls help me to fix it on my mobile numbers verify, thank you