Ministry Can Suspend The Work Agreement Of Employees Who Will No Get Vaccine

Ministry Can Suspend The Work Agreement Of Employees Who Will No Get Vaccine

Following the implementation of the vaccine requirement for entry into public places, including government departments, private institutions, markets, and shopping malls, the Ministry of Human Resources has issued regulations for non-vaccinated employees.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry said, “The vaccine requirement implemented from Sunday, August 1. In this regard, the Ministry laid some regulations to deal with these employees working in public and private institutions.”

Updated Rules and Regulation

  • The Ministry said, “The private sector has the authority to instruct the unvaccinated employees to work online.”
  • The exemption for working online is valid till August 9. After that, if the private company thinks that it is not beneficial for the employee to take online work, they should give him leave. The company has the authority to deduct the unattended days from the annual holiday of the employee.
  • If the employee’s annual leave has expired or he does not have any extra leave balance, he will get unpaid leave.”
  • If this period exceeds 20 days, then the employee’s work agreement gets suspension unless the parties agree on something.”
  • The Ministry said that “if there is no agreement then the company has the power to deal with the employee. The private sector should inform the worker in advance before taking any action.”
  • The Ministry clarified that “The above regulations will not apply to few employees. This include employees who gets an exemption from the vaccine and who have an explanation in their trust status.”

The Ministry of Human Resources has set similar regulations for these employees of government agencies.

However, in case of disagreement between the government agency and the employee, the Ministry will suspend the employee. And if he will be absent from duty, Ministry will consider it an excuse for not getting paid.

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