Information Minister “We Have Achieved Great Success In The War Against Covid-19”

Information Minister: “We Have Achieved Great Success Against Corona epidemic”

The Saudi Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dr. Majid Al-Qasbi has said that Saudi Arabia has made great success against Corona epidemic. The kingdom is now ready to open schools.

Al-Qasbi said that the great success against the epidemic goes to all members of society. All cooperated, and the leadership provided unlimited resources.

Wall To Protect Against the Vaccine Virus

He pointed out in a joint press conference with the Minister of Education on Thursday that the Saudi Health Passport has now recognized – the first wall to protect against the vaccine virus.

Also, he said that the election of Saudi Arabia as the Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Heritage Committee of the Arab Group at UNESCO is a sign that our country is playing a leading role in setting and preserving the record of human heritage.

According to Al-Qasbi, Saudi Arabia has emerged from the Carona epidemic in many areas of the economy. While many countries worldwide are still embroiled in outbreaks.

He said that more than 11 million Saudi Arabian people had taken two doses, and 21 million have received one dose.

However, the Information Minister pointed out that the ban on Corona SOPS continued the influx of Umrah pilgrims abroad.

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