Saudi Arabia Announced SOPs for Eid ul Fitr

Saudi Arabia Announced SOPs for Eid ul Fitr

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most vital and most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. With the arrival of Ramadan, Ramadan packages have been installed in the markets. We are already into last week of Ramadan so Eid ul Fitr is also on the corner and preparations are underway for this.

Supermarkets offer discounted groceries for convenience. With the advent of Ramadan, unique bazaars are in place in the country (before the Corona epidemic). Outside each market, traditional chicken and liver stalls are in place for Ramadan. 

Last year, KSA was under curfew. Due to this no stalls, etc., were set up and no particular markets were set up. This year too, Ramadan packages are in place in the superstores, but due to Corona, the stalls are not busy.

In Saudi Arabia, People stay awake at night. The markets are open only in the afternoon.

SOPs announced for Eid Shopping during Eid Ul Fitr

The Commerce Ministry has advised Eid shopping at different times to prevent coronavirus, while four issues have been banned from controlling overcrowding in the markets.

Local Saudi News quoted a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce as saying that consumers should cooperate to overcome the crowds in the markets during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.

Instead of rushing for Eid shopping, go to the market in your spare time so that you can follow the rules of social distance for coronavirus protection.

The Ministry of Commerce further said that shopping in free time in the shopping center where people follow the principle of social distance correctly saves the customers from the hassle of waiting too long at payment counters.

However, if they go shopping in the daytime, that are not regular rush hours.

Government Banned few Activities

Meanwhile, Commerce Ministry spokesman Abdul Rahman al-Hussein said Ministry had banned four activities in the markets to control congestion.

(1)- A statement issued by the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, on Twitter said that prominent social media personalities would not be invited to cover any commercial activity.

(2)- No commercial entity of any kind can hold a competition on ‘Sale Points’ for its products.

(3)- There will be no opening ceremony for shops or commercial markets.

(4)- No event should take place at any place for launching new products or services.

We Wish you a happy and Blessed Eid Ul Fitr 2021.

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