Sehha Application

Sehha صحة Application

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides better services and quality in the health sector using the latest medical technologies and صحة Sehha application is also part of these services.

Lately, mobile phone applications including Anat Application and Tanaqol App, became a big part of people’s life. Lately, numerous emergency clinics have been given different online medical care services that empower patients to practically talk with doctors and acquire medical care administrations in an online portal of the hospital’s website or application. 

Introduction of New Mobile Applications:

Seeing this situation, the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published a dozen of mobile phone applications that deliver numerous efficient health services. These Services include monitoring the physical activities, monitoring diet, reminders about upcoming checkups and appointments, online consultations from specialist doctors, online consultations from physicians, health preventive measurements, and tips.

Introduction of صحة Sehha Application:

 On 12 March 2017, the “SEHHA” application was published on the play store and app store under the Ministry of Health’s supervision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Purpose of Sehha:

“SEHHA” is an application introduced for unselfish humanistic and trustworthy services to upgrade the intercommunication between the patients and specialist doctors. It monitors an individual’s medical health, facilitates direct medical consultation on mobile phones, and assists the health conclusions that patients can make about their health.

Functions of صحة application:

The purpose of this electronic medical health application is to provide the easiest way of communication between the patient and doctor with the help of audio and video consultation services by the Ministry of Health registered specialized doctors.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) used in this application offers advanced and eco-friendly medical health care services (health preventive measurements and tips) at home.

It will also provide health assessment services regarding inquiries about certain symptoms for certain diseases. It demonstrates how life can affect sickness occurrence and empowers a reliable way of a healthy lifestyle.

Registration Process for Sehha

The registration process of this application is much easier as it doesn’t require any special information. The registration process is given below:

  • Firstly, download the “SEHAA” application from the below links according to your device compatibility software.
  • Secondly, After installing the app, open the application and select your preferred language from the two available options
  • Click on Sign Up. Now, put your mobile phone number in the required tab and click on send verification pin button to get the 6-digit verification code at your given number.
  • Put the 6-digit verification code in the verification tab and click on verify.
  • Allow Location
  • Noe enter your personal details such as First name, Last name, email, password and few others.
  • Allow all the access.
  • Once you did all the above steps, you will be logged in to your profile

Homepage of Sehha Application:

There are few things that you will see on Homepage.

  • Firstly, On the home page, you will see two options: Smart SEHHA (Artificial Intelligence) and medical consultation
  • Moreover, On the appointment page, you will see all the appointments booked for the future and a detailed history of medical consultations taken by you in the past.
  • Whereas on the health checkup page, you can easily take a self-assessment about your medical health.
  • While on the profile page, you can see and edit your personal information.

However, You can take only three medical consultations throughout the month. After that, you have to wait till next month to get the three more online consultation tokens.

Booking an appointment in Sehha application:

They allow up to Three consultation in a month so you need to be careful while booking one. Here is how you can book an appointment in Sehha صحة

  •  Firstly, Click on this medical consultation button to book an online appointment. It is available on a homepage
  • Secondly, After opening the medical consultation tab, you will be redirected to a new account in which you have to add some personal details.
  • However, In the “SHORT DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MEDICAL CASE,” you have to write a brief description of your medical condition for which you want to consult a doctor.
  • Moreover, In the “IS THIS CONSULT FOR ME?” you have to select the type of person who needs medical consultation from two given options.
  • Lastly, Specify your gender and answer a series of questions
  • Once you filled in all the above information, you have to click on “BOOK THE APPOINTMENT.” 
  • After that, Choose the best date for your appointment. Once you select the best date, you have to click on the reserved appointment to issue your booking.

Note: “You can use your booking anytime between 2 hours to 48 hours after issuing the appointment.”

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