Umrah in 2021

Security plan for Masjid-ul-Haram during Umrah in 2021

According to the Health ministry, “This Ramadan due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in the KSA, only those pilgrims are going to perform Umrah who are immune from COVID-19 by a vaccine

The pilgrims will first have to register themselves as immunized at the Tawakkalna application. Every pilgrim needs to register on Tawakkalna Application to gets the Permit. .”

Comments of Commander of the Road Security Special Forces

Major General Abdulaziz Al-Masad, Commander of the Road Security Special Forces in Saudi Arabia, has said that the Road Security Force has developed a particular program for safe Umrah.

According to newspaper 24, Major General Abdul Aziz Al-Masad said that this is a dual point system, and the following arrangements have been made for Safe Umrah’s purpose.

Umrah Permit:

The first point is that no one without a permit is going to have access to the Makkah Mukarramah checkpoints. Therefore, It is essential for those traveling through Mecca to adhere to the health measures. 

Check Points on all routes of Makkah and Madinah:

The second point is that the quality of traffic and security is improving on all routes to Madinah and Makkah. Security Personals are placing Check posts at various places. Moreover, They are equip with the human resources and necessary equipment.

Top-Notch Technology to monitor violations during Umrah in 2021:

He said that modern technology is in place to control the violations that lead to traffic accidents. However, Alternative plans are also in place to deal with the emergency. 

Newly addes Tracks for Quick Check at checkpoints:

Waiting time at security checkpoints is very low. For this purpose, the number of tracks has been increased while unique tracks have been set up for Umrah pilgrims outside Makkah.

Increase in the number of Patrolling Troops:

The number of troops patrolling the highways is increasing day by day. The main advantage of this is that if an accident or an unfair situation arises, then the complaints can be dealt with at the earliest. 

Ban for Trucks during restricted hours:

They are banning trucks to travel on highways during restricted hours, and it was closely monitored. However, Alternative routes will be provided to truck drivers violating the ban. Several measures are also being taken to keep traffic flowing in Makkah

Security Plan for Masjid Ul Haram for Umrah in 2021

In Saudi Arabia, the Umrah security force has warned that access to the Grand Mosque is not possible without a permit. Conditions are set to ensure the health and safety of Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan.

According to Al-Arabiya Net, Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, Assistant Commander of the Umrah Security Force, said in a press conference that outstanding achievements had been made in the last year.

No Entry without Permit of Umrah:

A security plan has been prepared for the Grand Mosque. Moreover, No one will be allowed to enter the Masjid al-Haram without a permit. The standard of security and traffic safety in Makkah is also improving. 

Set up of Tracks in Mataaf:

Tracks are in place for worshipers and Umrah pilgrims to create social distance while security personnel has been deployed in large numbers.

Fines for the Violation of Covid 19 SOPs:

Maj. Gen. Muhammad al-Ahmadineh said the Umrah security force are focusing on to enforcing regulations to prevent the new coronavirus. Moreover, There will be fines on those who perform Umrah without permission or try to enter the Masjid for prayers.

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