Second Dose of the Covid Vaccine is not Necessary for Travel

Second Dose of the Covid Vaccine is not Necessary for Travel

Dr. Abdullah al-Asiri, Saudi Arabia’s assistant health secretary, said the second dose of the corona vaccine was not necessary for travel, and anyone can travel if he received only one dose of COVID-19 Vaccine. Following people are eligible for travel.

(1)- Those who have received Two dosages of COVID-19 Vaccine

(2)- Those who have received a single dose of Vaccine at least two weeks before coming to KSA and have a negative PCR report.

(3)- Those who have once recovered from COVID-19.

Saudi is coming back to the normal life and it is taking steps to make sure life gets back to pre Covid era.

How effective is the delay between two doses?

According to Newspaper 24, Dr. Asiri, referring to the delay in the second dose of the corona vaccine, made the following statements:

Effectiveness of Delay:

“Monitoring of the changes in the immune system after the first dose has shown that there is no ideal distance between the two doses of the Vaccine.”

He further added, “Longer the delay in second shot, better the immune system. In some areas, the delay in the second dose of Vaccine increased the public interest, but there is no need to worry about the delay.”

Interval between two doses:

“Some countries have a three-month interval between one dose of Vaccine and another. The epidemic situation and population ratio could affect other food schedules,” he said.

The second dose is not a condition for international travel.

Quarantine Concept explained by Dr. Asiri:

Dr. Abdullah al-Asiri said: ” Countries that made the quarantining their guests in hotels compulsory are doing so because of the epidemic rate and the change in the virus in the countries of visitors. It has nothing to do with the position of the passengers against the virus.”

MOH comments on Delaying the Second Dose:

The Saudi Ministry of Health has said that rumors about the second dose of the corona vaccine being canceled are baseless. According to the local news website, stories have circulated on social media in recent days that the Ministry of Health has decided to cancel the second dose of the Vaccine due to its highly damaging effects.

On Twitter, the Ministry of Health explained that “there is no truth in the fact that the second dose of the Vaccine has harmful health effects. The second dose of the Vaccine has not been canceled or is being considered.

Ministry will issue Schedule of 2nd shot very soon. The only reason for the delay in the second dose is the lack of global supply. However, ministry wants more people in the community to get the first injection.”

The ministry said that “When more and more people in the community get their first dose of the Vaccine, it will benefit the community as a whole. The supply of vaccines will be restored as needed, and the ministry for the second dose will issue a new schedule.”

Who gets exemption from Covid 19 Vaccine

The MOH spokesman said: “Those who are spreading rumors against the vaccine are putting the health of others at stake.”

He assured “The Vaccine is necessary, effective, and effective for protection against the virus. There is no truth in the rumors. It’s dangerous to get infection of coronavirus. Some people claim that it doesn’t do anything is completely wrong. Beware of those who spread rumors about vaccines.”

While talking to the local news, Dr. Abul-Ali replied on whether the Ministry of Health has exempted people suffering from various diseases and people of different ages from the Vaccine?

“Health experts are exempting people who have been severely affected by the second dose of the corona vaccine after taking the first dose. These are people who have an unusual allergy to the Vaccine. Similarly, coronavirus vaccines are exempt from those whose registered medical record indicates that they are severely allergic to any of the components involved in the formulation of the cod vaccine. People of certain ages are still exempt from the coronavirus vaccine. Relevant authorities are updating the applications regarding the persons belonging to the exemption categories.”

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  1. Im waiting for tje second doze of Vaccine, inshaallah it wint take too long for the schedule. Thanks to all the frontliners and all medical staffs who is there for us. God’s speed everyone.