Discounts in Ramadan

Save Big during this Ramadan with these offers

The holy month of Ramadan is considered to be the most vital and most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. However, With the arrival of Ramadan, Ramadan packages have been installed in the markets. Moreover, Supermarkets offer discounted groceries for convenience. However, With the advent of Ramadan, unique bazaars were set up in the country (before the Corona epidemic). However, Outside each market, traditional chicken and roasted liver stalls are set up for Ramadan. Moreover, These all are the part of big Discount in Ramadan

However, KSA was under curfew last year, due to which no stalls, etc., were set up. Moreover, no particular markets were set up. However, This year too, Ramadan packages have been installed in the superstores. However due to Corona, the stalls are not as busy as they used to be.

Moreover, In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is spent waking up at night, while the markets are open the only afternoon. 

Top Electronic Discounts in Ramadan

However, This year, many superstores in KSA launched their products at a discounted price online and offline. Moreover, If you want to buy a new smartphone, TV, or Laptop, there is a significant discount on this Ramadan electronics product. However, we have mentioned some electronic products available at 20 % to 60% discounted prices.

Mobile Phones and Tablets:

Image Product Name Old Price New Price Savings Check Availability
Lenovo 12 Note 699 Saudi Riyals 545 Saudi Riyals 22% Check Price
Huawei Y8P 849 Saudi Riyals 699 Saudi Riyals 17% Check Price
 Samsung Galaxy A51 1199 Saudi Riyals 949 Saudi Riyals 21% Check Price
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB  5479 Saudi Riyals 4099 Saudi Riyals 25% Check Price
iPad Eighth Generation (2020) 1899 Saudi Riyals  1429 Saudi Riyals  24% Check Price
iPhone XR White 128GB 3299 Saudi Riyals  2299 Saudi Riyals 30% Check Price
MacBook Pro  8537 Saudi Riyals 5099 Saudi Riyals 40% Check Price
Aspire 3 Laptop  2599 Saudi Riyals 2259 Saudi riyals 13% Check Price
58 Inch Noon East Tv 3779 Saudi Riyals 1699 Saudi Riyals   55% Check Price
Samsung 56-inch Crude Smart QLED TV 16999 Saudi Riyals 6499 Saudi riyals 61% Check Price
Noon East 65 Inch UHD Smart Netflix Ready TV 4669 Saudi Riyals 2099 Saudi Riyals   55% Check Price
MacBook Air With 13.3-Inch Retina Display 4699 Saudi Riyals 3699 Saudi Riyals 21%  Check Price
Class Pro 40 Inch Full HD LED TV 999 Saudi Riyals 599 Saudi Riyals  40% Check Price
65-Inch 4K Smart LED Android TV 5439 Saudi Riyals 3499 Saudi Riyals  35% Check Price
Xbox Series X 1TB 3120 Saudi Riyals  2299 Saudi Riyals 26%
Check Price
75-Inch Ultra 4K UHD Android 9.0 Smart TV 5199 Saudi Riyals 3599 Saudi Riyals 30% Check Price
Xbox Series S 512 GB Digital Console 1777 Saudi riyals 1349 Saudi riyals 24% Check Price
ThinkBook TB 13s Laptop 5001 Saudi Riyals  3333 Saudi Riyals 33% Check Price
Watch Series 6-44 mm 1999 Saudi Riyals 1799 Saudi Riyals  10% Check Price
10i Dual SIM Phantom Red 6GB RAM 128GB 4G LTE 899 Saudi Riyals  699 Saudi Riyals 22% Check Price
Switch Lite Console – Turquoise 1301 Saudi Riyals  949 Saudi Riyals 27%  Check Price

Other Offers:

However there are many other offers that you can also look into. Moreover markets like Othim Market, Alfaisliah Super market, Hyper panda also offers various discounts. Moreover, In recent years the number of stores has multiplied considerably, with Arabian Business magazine reporting a doubling of outlets in the past five years alone.

Meanwhile noon is also piling up offers related to Home appliances and Apparels. For example, they are offering Air Fryer at a discount of 35%. Moreover Extra Stores are also doing the same by offering various products.

However, if you look at Lulu market you will also see massive discounts on Eatables and other vegetables. Similarly, Al Maya super markets are also offering huge discounts so don’t forgets to look into these too. For example, Ramadan promotions throughout the holy month will allow shoppers to enjoy 25 percent discounts on specific categories as well as 50 percent discounts on certain products.

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