Saudi’s first ever locally produced Covid 19 vaccine

While seeing the COVID-19 situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health took great precautions. It took control of the spread of this deadly virus. However, they also ordered the Covid 19 vaccine on time.

However, There is already a vaccine received and provided freely by the Saudi Government. Meanwhile, the Universities of Saudi Arabia were trying to make an effective COVID-19 vaccine. Although this was a big and time taking hurdle to achieving, the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University of Saudi Arabia reached this milestone two days ago on 14-01-2021.

However, the clinical trials of this Vaccine are still remaining.

Current Situation of Covid 19 in Saudia:

The total number of COVID-19 cases till the 16-01-2021 in the kingdom is almost 364615, out of which 356,383 are almost recovered.

The recovery rate (97.74 %) has become the most successful, globally due to the mean time’s preventive measures. However, the total number of deaths stands at 6314.

However, Approximately 1919cases are active out of 364613 total cases, and only 311 cases are marked as critical cases throughout the KSA. Overall, it’s a victory for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Total CasesRecovered CasesTotal DeathsActive CasesCritical CasesRecovery Rate
Current Stats as of January 2021

Locally Produced Vaccine:

Doctor Iman Al Mansour, is a professor of epidemiology (Assistant) at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU). Moreover, She did her Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology) from Massachusetts University.

Doctor Iman Al Mansour along with her research team, successfully developed the first-ever COVID-19 Vaccine made in KSA.

This COVID-19 Vaccine basically developed on the principle of advanced Biotechnology and DNA technology. However, This Vaccine doesn’t require any kind of freezing.

Although, This Vaccine is all set up and is ready to use for clinical trials. However, for the clinical trials, some precautions and necessary approvals will be made”.

Clinical Trials for Covid 19 Vaccine:

Doctor Turki Almugaiteeb runs the NVC (National Vaccine) and BMTC (Biomanufacturing Center) and he is also a chief executive at RPD innovations (Health care and Life Sciences).

In a recent talk, he stated that

“There is exceptional attention to the importance of clinical trial on the record of the pandemic. Exploration can assume a great part in building up an immunization that can be received and further created later on. The trial immunization should be experienced through the testing and a few preliminary stages before affirming the Saudi Food and Drug Authority’s use. We can say that the Kingdom has a solid foundation, which can help produce and production a public antibody.”

Dr. Turki Almugaiteeb

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