Saudia to Operate flights to 71 Airports Except those with travel ban status

Saudia will operate flights for 71 International and domestic airports from May 17

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) has said that from Monday, May 17, almost every airline will provide travel opportunities to and from KSA to all countries worldwide except those countries which faces a travel ban status from Saudia.

Moreover, Speaking to Al Arabiya Net, Saudi liaison officer Engineer Abdullah Al-Shehrani said Saudi Arabia had completed preparations to operate flights to 71 domestic and international airports.

There is an Exception for countries with travel ban status from Saudia

Saudi Arabia will operate flights according to its network. However, Exceptions are those countries that have travel ban status from Saudia.

The countries which will face the international ban from Saudi Arabia even after the resumption of flights after May 17 are the following:

(1)- United Arab Emirates
(2)- United States
(3)- United Kingdom
(4)- Germany
(5)- Argentina
(6)- Indonesia
(7)- India
(8)- Pakistan
(9)- Japan
(10)- Ireland
(11)- Brazil
(12)- Portugal
(13)- Turkey
(14)- France
(15)- Lebanon
(16)- Egypt
(17)- Sweden
(18)- South Africa
(19)- Swiss Confederation
(20)- Italy

Instructions for Passengers

Al-Shehrani told passengers to keep visiting Saudi Arabia’s website before traveling during the Corona epidemic. Moreover, The Saudi Arabia Airline website updates 24/7 with all the updated information.

Moreover, The website provides the latest information on Saudi flights from official sources.

“Passengers on international flights have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Health and relevant agencies,” he said. In addition, passengers must respect the sanctions of the country where they are going.

Who will be Able to travel after 17 May

The Saudi liaison officer said the relative department officer would explore the passenger’s position in the Tawakkalna app.

Only people who enrolled their health status in the Tawakkalna app as (not infected with the coronavirus) or (have been immunized with the COVID-19 or (vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine) will be able to travel.

He also said that people who have taken a dose of the Corona vaccine could travel as per the instructions of the relevant health authorities in Saudi Arabia, provided the fact that 14 days have elapsed on the first dose.

He also enrolled his health status in the Tawakkalna app. Al-Shahrani also said that Saudi planes have carried out sanitation operations for 71 airports.

Saudi Arabia will use a UVC device (A device is to sanitize operating rooms in hospitals) to sanitize its aircraft by ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, He also said Saudi Arabia would operate flights to 28 local and 43 international airports. Therefore, Saudi flights will be available to 71 of the 95 airports.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

A Saudi official said passengers would have to cancel their reservations and take immediate action on tickets if the authority canceled their travel schedule.

Those who cancel a reservation can also make a new reservation and return the ticket.

Al-Shehrani further said that Saudis under 18 must obtain a registered medical insurance scheme in SAMA before traveling.

However, Upon their return to the country, they will have to stay in house isolation for seven days, and on completion of seven days, they will have to undergo a corona test. Moreover, According to SAUDI AIRLINES, children below the age of 8 will exempt from this ban.

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