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Saudi Engineering Council – How to Register yourself as an Engineer

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) (Arabic: مجلس المهندسين السعودية‎) promotes the engineering profession across the country. The primary purpose of setting up the Saudi Engineering Council is to inaugurate a regulatory body for practicing engineering in the KSA and to establish relationships with other bodies sharing the same objectives. Once Register with SEC, you can use the Saudi council of the engineers’ login page to log in and browse through all the services provided by SEC. All the engineers are required to register themselves with the council and make sure their Iqama profession matches with any of engineering branches.

The Saudi Council of Engineers is an expert institute established on 1/1/1423 AH. Furthermore, It is an active organization working towards advancing the engineering profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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How to register yourself as an engineer in the Saudi engineering Council

Welcome to the SCE, where your success is their goal, and your business is their pleasure. Moreover, People working in engineering jobs may be exposed to pleasant working conditions.

Also, the Saudi Council of Engineers is the competent and professional authority for engineers in Saudia. Moreover, it is operating under the supervision and benefit of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and is headquartered in Riyadh.

0 – Let’s register you as an engineer there:

The Saudi Council of Engineers registration method and get Saudi council of engineers login is as follows:

1 – After attestation, you must have them translated.

  • If you are currently employed in Saudi Arabia, ask your employer to write a letter requesting a change in profession. Moreover, have the letter attested by the chamber of commerce wherever your employer is registered. Moreover, Your monthly gross pay, name as it appears on your ID card, joining date, and Muqeem card number are all included in this letter.
  • Now Open the SEC’s website, register as a new user, and log in to finish the registration procedure.

2 – Choose Engineer as a membership category.

  • Activate your SCE Account by opening your email inbox.
  • Now complete all of the steps, including Iqama Details, Degree, Registration Year, and Attachments.

3 – Scan or copy all of the following documents:

  • Muqeem Card Copies (Iqama)
  • Engineering grade sheets attested by the Embassy
  • A copy of your passport’s most recent photo (200X200 pixels), CV
  • After that, they will offer you a Registration Number

After 3 days, go over to the SEC city branch & wait your time, then give them your “Registration Number” that you wrote down earlier. Finally, Pay SAR 1300 for online registration

In addition, now that you’ve registered only with the SEC, you can give both letters to your sponsor to handle the profession on your Iqama card.

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Benefits of joining the Saudi Council of Engineers

There are many benefits of joining the SEC including applying for a Saudi Arab family travel visa and furthermore you can get the following benefits too.

  • Firstly, You can apply for a Saudi Arabian driver’s licence.
  • Secondly, you Can apply for Saudi Arabia Visa PR.
  • Thirdly, apply for a visa-free entry for UAE.
  • Lastly, In Qatar, you can apply for a visa-free entry.

Frequently asked Questions

1 – How can I find out if I’m a member of the Saudi Council?

SEC is the official representative body for engineers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The steps are as follows

It will display the expiration date of your Saudi council card, as well as practitioner information such as profession, registration number, and so on.

2 What are things needed for Registration for SCE?

The Saudi Council of Engineers has the following conditions for registration.

  • Snap a picture
  • Scanned copy of the Iqama
  • A scanned passport copy
  • Letter of approval from the Saudi Council of Engineers.
  • A duly verified letter of introduction from the chamber of business.
  • A degree or diploma from Saudi Arabia has been validated by the Saudi Embassy.
  • A copy of your academic transcript or a mark sheet.

3 – What is the best way to contact the Saudi Council of Engineers?

Contact information for the Saudi engineering council is 920020820, [email protected],  and

4 – What is the Saudi Council of Engineers’ benefit?

Registration with the Saudi engineering council has several advantages, including applying for a Saudi Arabian driving license. You can apply for a Saudi permanent family visa. In fact, in the UAE, you can apply for a visa-free visa. Moreover, in Qatar, you can use it for a free visa.

Final words

In short, the summary of the register as an engineer at the Saudi engineering council:

  • Attested degrees from Saudi Embassy 
  • Get a letter about your employment.
  • Approval letter signed.
  • Go to and fill out the form.
  • Make a new user and choose Engineer as their occupation.
  • Create an account 
  • Finish and click Next.
  • Add Files to the Folder
  • Lastly, Pay the fee and obtain your SCE registration number.

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