Resumption of International Flights

Saudi Arabia to resume International Flights on January 3, 2021

International flights were banned a week ago but this breaking news was already in the making. We all have been waiting for this news to come. Saudi Arabia has done extremely well in its fight against Covid 19 and this recent news has proved all those efforts. Therefore, they are set to resume international flights and reopen borders on January 3rd, 2021.

The Saudi Gazzate on their Facebook page has already confirmed the news and hopefully, we will see international travel back into business by January 3, 2021.

Expats in Saudia were waiting for this confirmation to come. Many of them have already booked their ticket before the cancellation and ban on international flights but now they are free. They are free to go to their countries and they are free to come back to their work and field.

Everything is due to the immense efforts of the Ministry of Health and its counterparts. They have done extremely well to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Saudi Arabia has already avoided the 2nd wave successfully. However, you will also don’t see any symptoms of new strains in Saudi Arabia.

Banning the flights were not a easy diciison. It has its economic impacts but hats off to The custodian of two holy mosques, King Salman and his government.

They took timely decisions and bought every effort in place to save the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from new mutants.

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