Saudi Arabia to become Regional Hub for Covid 19 Vaccine

Saudi Arabia to become Regional Hub for Covid 19 Vaccine

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubayeya (Head of the Shah Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Services) addressed the G20 Summit on Vaccine Logistics Services in Italy, hosted by the Italian Foreign Office and the World Food Program. At the summit, he said: “Saudi Arabia will become a regional hub for the development of the corona vaccine, and we are ready for that. “

A Challange given by epidemic:

“The Corona epidemic has given us a challenge. It requires a concerted and coordinated effort to save as many human lives as possible. We realize that the whole world is facing unforeseen challenges. The epidemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, health, education, and social infrastructure in countries around the world.”

Supply of Vaccine in the region

“There is a significant discrepancy in the supply of vaccines. Doses of most vaccines have reached selected countries. Most countries are suffering the consequences. There are many countries where the number of people affected by the epidemic has increased. Patients are treating by health workers in hospitals, and deaths are occurring. 

Saudia Wants a Regional pharmaceutical system

“Saudi Arabia is encouraging a regional approach to pharmaceuticals,” he added. Saudi Arabia also wants a regional pharmaceutical system in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Moreover, Regional production of the COVID-19 vaccine will help control epidemics in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and create jobs. It will also strengthen the local healthcare system.

Saudia is Capable of Drug Delivery

He said that Saudi Arabia could become a regional hub for pharmaceuticals and drug delivery due to its resources and capabilities. We have such facilities. The country had spent 7 713 million to deal with the outbreak. At the same time, Shah Salman sought refuge in the center, Yemen, SyriaSudan, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia

He further added, “We need to work on a humanitarian basis. None of us can be safe unless everyone is safe from the plague. Also, This principle will continue to apply in the future. 

Arrival of Johnson and Johnson in Saudi Arabia

Johnson, a pharmaceutical company under the Saudi Ministry of Investment and the Johnson & Johnson Group, has signed a memorandum of understanding.

Saudi Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Faleh, Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rubayeh, Minister of Industries and Minerals Bandar Al-Kharif, and various officials of relevant institutions signed the MOU.

According to the state-run news agency SPA, the MOU aims to establish a partnership to implement a strategic program to enhance biological sciences and healthcare in Saudi Arabia.
Khalid al-Faleh said Johnson & Johnson would soon be in Saudi Arabia. Their Covid 19 Vaccine is already approved in Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is also using its Vaccine.

Saudi Arabia is increasing its share of economic growth and is striving to become a powerful international player. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has more than 40 percent of the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia seeks to become a global hub for companies working in health and biosciences.

He expressed pleasure at cooperating with a large and historic group like Johnson & Johnson in the Saudi market.

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