Saudi Arabia Suspended Flights

Saudi Arabia Suspended Flights for 20 Countries

In the latest development, Saudi Arabia suspended flights for 20 Countries. Flights were closed earlier when Covid 19 was in its early stages and they have closed once again in the fear of 2nd Wave.

Moreover, Name of these countries are as follow

Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Germany, United States, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Egypt, India, and Japan.

However, This move will come in force from 3rd Febuary, 2021 at 9PM according to Saudi time.

Flights are off for non-citizens, including diplomats, health practitioners, and their families, from these 20 specific countries. This step comes in as Saudi Arabia is upping its efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Original News is cover by The Saudi Press Agency. They Cited an official source at the Interior Ministry. Saudi Arabia Suspended Flights so they can focus on the betterment of locals and save them from this deadly virus.

Update on Saudi Arabia Suspended Flights as of 16 Feb 2021:

As of now, everything is close by the government. hopefully, there will be an update sooner than later regarding the opening of International flights.

Many expats are stranded in their countries because of this closure. Hopefully, we will soon hear an update regarding flights. Till then this news Stands valid.

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