Saudi Arabia Provides Covid Vaccines to more than 24% of its Population

Saudi Arabia Provides Covid Vaccines to more than 24% of its Population

Saudi Arabia has so far given at least 16,457,176 COVID vaccines. Suppose each person needs two doses, which is enough to provide a vaccine to about 24% of the country’s population. According to last week’s stats, the Government is providing an average of 12,124,093 doses daily in Saudi Arabia.

At this rate, it would take another 56 days for another 10% of the population to get the vaccine. The Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad al-Abd Al-Ali said,

“This vaccine is a key and powerful weapon that will keep us healthy. Citizens and residents with a valid identification number or residence number are eligible to receive the vaccine. It is available through the “SAHETTY” app. So far, there is no side effect of any of the Vaccines.”

Latest Covid 19 Spread Rate in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is reporting an average of 1,190 new infections every day, a peak of 27%. Since the onset of the epidemic, 473,112 infections and 7,663 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported.

Saudi Arabia launched its vaccination campaign on December 17. It was the first Arab country to use the Pfizer biotech vaccine. Al-Abdul Ali added that the Ministry of Health’s centers and facilities across the country continue to provide health services.

98% of Elderly People already have the Covid Vaccines

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that is achieving a high COVID vaccination rate among the elderly population of Saudi Arabia (60 years and above).

The immunization rate has reached 98% in Hafar Al-Batin, 93% in Al-Ahsa, 93% in Qurayyat, 86% in Bisha, 83% in Riyadh, 80% in the Eastern Province, and 80% in Taif.

The ministry said this percentage comes in after injecting the group with at least one dose.
Since Saudi Arabia launched a nationwide vaccination campaign on December 17, the Ministry of Health has targeted the elderly as its priority group, establishing a preferential service for Saudis without registration, appointment, or wait.

Vaccine is available at vaccination centers in all parts of the country.

New Protocols of Covid 19 Testing

Meanwhile, the ministry said that according to the new protocol for COVID-19 tests in the KSA, three polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests could be performed every month.

“If you have a respiratory illness, go to the Tetamman Clinic without booking an appointment, and the doctor will examine your condition and examine for you,” the ministry explained.

If you have a recent recovery from the virus, you do not need a test to prove your recovery. Likewise, you do not need a test if you come in direct contact with a confirmed case after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Types of Covid Vaccines Centers in Saudi Arabia

The ministry appealed to the public to register for the vaccine, follow these steps, and follow the instructions. Saudi Arabia has so far conducted 20,712,598 PCR tests, including 94,921 in the last 24 hours.

There are two types of Testing hubs and treatment centers (TAKKAD, TATAMMAN) are operating across the KSA, which have dealt with hundreds of thousands of people since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Of these, TAKKAD (make sure) centers provide Covid-19 tests for people who do not show mild symptoms or believe they have been in contact with an infected person.

In addition, TATAMMAN clinics offer treatment and advice for signs of the virus, such as fever, loss of taste and smell, and difficulty breathing.

Appointments for both services are available through the Ministry’s SAHETTY app. The coronavirus has infected more than 177 million people worldwide, and the death toll has risen to 3.85 million.

82% of the health worker already got the Covid Vaccines

The Saudi Ministry of Health says more than 82% of healthcare professionals in all medical facilities had been vaccinated. Furthermore, 98% of them work in vaccination centers globally, and 93% are working in Tatamman (rest assured) clinics and Takkad (make sure) centers.

About 15 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given to residents. This means that 43.1% of the country’s population (34.8 million people) gets the vaccine with at least one dose in more than 590 vaccinations in Saudi Arabia.

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